Sadiqa Reynolds: The Reason LMAS Is A Disaster

Time to follow up on yesterday’s big story regarding Louisville Metro Animal Services.

As you’re well aware by now, Metro Council has formed an investigative committee to dig in to the flustercuck that is LMAS.

If you’re living under a rock, here’s the presser:

This is a big moment in Louisville. After years and years (not just 15 months), something could finally be done. Responsible parties could finally be held accountable.

There are just a few problems. Relying on the Fischer Administration — the very people who promoted Margaret Brosko, knowing for sure what she’d done at LMAS, the people who tried to help her cover it up — to be truthful is sheer insanity.

Sadiqa Reynolds? Really? They’re going to trust what she has to say?

She started in 2011 and was tasked with cleaning things up. That never happened.

Sadiqa immediately set to work covering things up and forcing secrecy. When I caught wind of what she was up to, I exposed everything that was going on. The guy Sadiqa put in charge was running an escort service out of the animal shelter. Seriously. Read about it here and here. It was so bad that Greg Fischer fired him and said publicly that it was because of my story.

The nightmare didn’t end there.

Sadiqa kept on with the CYA stunts. But I didn’t let up. We caught Jackie Gulbe, the woman who replaced Sadiqa’s guy, in a bit of a scandal. Granted, Adam Walser took credit for my story but Gulbe was also “resigned” by Fischer.

Mess after mess was reported. Fischer had blood on his hands way back then because of Sadiqa’s incompetence.

She pushed out a review of LMAS but that didn’t improve anything. Nonsense statement after nonsense statement rolled out. Area animal advocacy head got frustrated and raised hell.

The mainstream media caught Sadiqa lying about LMAS left and right.


So Sadiqa brought in this guy and we all know how that ended. He tucked tail and ran away.

Sadiqa kept up with fear tactics, threats, intimidation. She worked hard to shut the media out. She allowed crap like this to fester. Even then, we knew there were serious cases of animal cruelty and abuse going down at LMAS and Sadiqa damn well knew about it, covering it all up.

She orchestrated, unsuccessfully, one of the largest whitewash attempts we’ve ever seen in government.

Despite promises that she’d clean things up, Sadiqa allowed the agency to fall into a $500,000 deficit that rocked Metro Council.

And hundreds/thousands of animals continued to be killed left and right. Because Sadiqa didn’t do anything. She just sat around bitching and moaning about the people begging her to make changes.

Countless experienced and qualified people came forward early on in an attempt to help the situation LMAS. But Sadiqa turned them all away, attacked them, trash talked them, said they were unqualified. But many of them found jobs elsewhere and were applauded for making major change in their communities.

In an attempt to further whitewash the disaster that she was too damn lazy to stop, Sadiqa started with the compassionate city nonsense.

Then she kicked into high gear with flat-out lies about the LMAS kill rate. As if we wouldn’t tear her bogus claims apart.

She tried to blame everyone else for the LMAS mess. She never took responsibility — which was her damn job.

Everything was falling apart, so Sadiqa started a media campaign that conned teevee stations and the newspaper into believing the spin.

Throughout it all, we called on Metro Council to do something but the legislative body never did.

For Sadiqa, it was all about photo ops where she could hide from responsibility, looking pretty for the Voice-Tribune.

LMAS was in such shambles that staff resorted to begging.

Meanwhile, your local paper did its best to sit on its hands.

Since nothing was improving at LMAS, a big ass disease outbreak popped up, killing piles of animals.

Sadiqa kept on with the social butterfly b.s.

Everything she touched turned to dog poop.

LMAS was in crisis mode and local media took note YEARS AGO.

Sadiqa, instead of doing her job, still thought it’d be a great idea to play pat-a-cake. So she started treating members of the public horribly. Because that’s always a good idea.

LMAS employees started speaking out because nothing was changing.

Rather than clean things up, Sadiqa made it more difficult to adopt animals in need. Which meant more animals would be incinerated.

The Sadiqa rage train barreled on and she started working with her hand-picked boy at LMAS to retaliate.

Then Sadiqa and Margaret Brosko, of Sadie infamy, lowered the bar even further.

Since Brosko was doing Sadiqa’s dirty work, Sadiqa helped cover up an actual crime that Margaret committed — LMPD said as much.

Moral of this story? Nothing has changed at LMAS under Sadiqa Reynolds. Things have only gotten worse. So bad, in fact, that we wrote this in mid-January with a lengthy flashback.

Sadiqa is not going to help Kelly Downard get to the bottom of anything. That woman is 100% part of the problem. SHE is the problem.

Sadiqa Reynolds needs to be kicked out on her ass posthaste. Harsh? You better believe it. Sadiqa needs to be fired in order for this city to move forward. But don’t hold your breath. The Fischer team, with Chris Poynter as the public face and Sadiqa pulling the strings, will continue to whitewash everything and promote people like Margaret Brosko while singing their praises.

Possibility City!

7 thoughts on “Sadiqa Reynolds: The Reason LMAS Is A Disaster

  1. I am not religious but bless you Jake.
    You wouldn’t let it go, animal lovers and taxpayers owe you a debt of gratitude.
    I hope Metro Council will do something with all the work you have done for them. There can be no excuse for such grave inadequacy and ineptitude- and it is THEIR JOB to clean this mess up- stop the mayor from protecting and PROMOTING failure- it is insane that Sadiqa is employed anywhere by the city- she should not be entrusted with emptying wastebaskets let alone with the well being of animals.

    At this point I would vote for a rock over Fischer. Life long democrat here done with democratic mayors for the foreseeable future.

  2. Thanks Jake! Reading this was like Christmas morning. They cannot hide from this. Finally a real look into what is happening at LMAS by someone other than Fischy Pawns. I wonder if Ms. Reynolds high school regrets giving her that award a few years ago? The one for becoming the embodiment of everything they strive for their students to become. Hind sight is 20/20 I guess…..

  3. Appreciate the kind words but no one owes me anything.

    Metro Government DOES owe every taxpayer in the city a complete overhaul, though.

    Metro Council needs to make the LMAS hiring decision with ZERO input from the Fischer Administration.

    The ad-hoc committee needs to be permanent.

    And someone like me (not me) needs to be put in charge of making sure this nightmare isn’t perpetuated.

  4. Sadiqa, who’s comment of “Either your are with us or against us” set the tone for anyone willing to volunteer or help at LMAS. Translated to “Drink my kool-aid or you are not welcome.” Good employees forced out. Thank you to everyone who stepped up as a voice for the animals!

  5. This disaster is the absolute and historical result that occurs when a public official places people around him/her who are not encouraged to bring ‘debate’ (in a private fashion [internally WITH the public official]) regarding policies and procedures that are ‘afoot.’ Surrounded by ‘yes men and women’ is a disaster — and THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT Mr. Fischer has allowed to happen. Being a public official has nothing to do with everyone ‘adoring’ the official (a/la Mayor Happy Pants, Mayor Arm’weak’, County Judge Jackson, Mayor Harvey [Courier Journal] Sloane, etc.). It has EVERYTHING TO DO with surrounding yourself with people who will PRIVATELY be encouraged to participate in round-table discussions about policies and procedures.

    Had that occurred in Mr. Fischer’s Administration — every participant in the ‘discussion group’ of Deputy Mayors (or whatever you want to call them) would have told Mr. Fischer “Ms. Sadiqua Reynolds is incapable of her responsibilities in virtually every respect and she should be terminated FORTHWITH.

    This did not happen and now we will have a public exposition that examines Ms. Sadiqua (which [unfortunately] will probably devolve into a ‘racial diatribe’) all of which would have been unnecessary if Mr. Fischer would GET RID OF THE YES MEN/WOMEN and get a competent, experienced and well-versed group of Deputy Mayors – who’ve been around the horn a time or two, who have executive experience and who understand competency and incompetency when they see it.

  6. My own opinion is that all of the situation ties back to Mayor Fischer wanting to hand over the running of LMAS to KHS. Political favors payback?

    I continue to question how Donald Robinson become appointed to begin with? He had no animal experience in animal sheltering or care.

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