Sadiqa Reynolds: Greg Fischer’s Whitewashing, Excuse-Making Machine On The LMAS Front

You already know all about Sadiqa Reynolds and you know she’s responsible for the nightmare that is Metro Animal Services.

You know she’s worked hard to cover up the problems at the shelter. You know she’s worked to shut volunteers and employees out when they dare offer suggestions, do the right thing, in any way ask a question or raise a concern.

Until now, though, you haven’t heard her spin.

Remember Briana Holloway?

A Louisville Metro Animal Services volunteer says she was dismissed after she posted videos of shelter dogs on her Facebook page took her case to the Metro Council Thursday night.

Briana Holloway told the council her constitutional rights were violated and shared her ideas on how LMAS can do a better job of meeting their goals.

Holloway had been a volunteer for Metro Animal Services since May 2012 and she thought she was doing a good job. She wanted to help the dogs get adopted so she would post videos of them playing and getting exercise at the Manslick shelter.


After she posted to Facebook Holloway received a call from a Metro Animal Services administrator telling her she was not allowed to take or post videos unless they were approved through management. Holloway was told she was not allowed to volunteer for a month and then she can meet with administrators to talk about the future.

She was one of the many volunteers who spoke up. After Bree went to the media, Sadiqa decided to do damage control by having a 35-minute telephone call with her.

It started off friendly. Sadiqa sounded as if she was taking Bree’s concerns seriously… but then she started blaming her, chastising her and dismissing her concerns.

Listen for yourself:


The file is 33+ megabytes in size, so if you want to download it and listen later, right-click here and save as. Be patient – there’s a lot of attention on this storyline at the moment.

Hear it all? Hear all the promises Sadiqa made? Hear all the excuses? It’s Bree’s fault for embarrassing LMAS, it’s the budget, it takes too much time to show people animals available for adoption, it’s the union, can’t publicize animals because we euthanize them too quickly, blaming advocates for harming animals, yadda yadda yadda.

Wasn’t it interesting to hear Sadiqa admit the LMAS live release rate is bad? Totally contradicts everything Greg Fischer has attempted to claim.

Even more interesting to hear Sadiqa pop a vein when she’s called on honesty. To later tell Bree she sounded like she was “clean”. To completely deny that Donald and Margaret are rigid and problematic. Fun stuff.

That was months and months ago.

Nothing has changed. Sadiqa’s done nothing. Animals still aren’t posted, still aren’t publicized, volunteers are still being shut out, rescues are being shut out. Empty words.

Sadiqa never followed up.

That’s what’s wrong with LMAS. Sadiqa and her nonsense. Because you know about the scandals we’ve already uncovered.

Why publish this? It’s just the first recording of five. Just the warning shot, to get all cliche. The others don’t involve Bree and get nastier and nastier. Hope the Fischer Administration is ready.

We also decided to publish this legally made and legally obtained recording to finally prove that Bree was never difficult as the Fischer Administration claimed. She always tried to do the right thing and, as you heard in the recording, is the kind of person this city needs as a volunteer at LMAS. She was always right, always working hard, always giving friendly, honest and GOOD suggestions. She was fair and never once gave the administration a hard time. But they trash-talked and blacklisted her anyway. Now you know the truth. She deserves praise, not the Sadiqa stink eye.

6 thoughts on “Sadiqa Reynolds: Greg Fischer’s Whitewashing, Excuse-Making Machine On The LMAS Front

  1. Pro-tip: To the person from a local animal care group currently vacationing in Florida… you probably shouldn’t attempt to leave silly comments unless you want things to be addressed publicly.

  2. You know what is plain as day obvious after listening to that call? Ms. Holloway should have Sadiqa’s JOB. Passion and a commitment to the animals is what is needed- not a laundry list of excuses about why the simplest things can’t and won’t be done. Pathetic.

  3. The evidence is overwhelming. The tragedy is that Sadiqa’s got to go — and it will (most likely) turn into a racial matter — when, in reality, it’s nothing of the sort — IT’S NOTHING MORE THAN UTTER INCOMPETENCE (which occurs irrespective of race).

  4. While Ms. Reynolds management style of “the beatings will continue until morale improves” might work for Tony Soprano, it has no place in our local government. I’ve noticed whenever Metro Govt. employees (from all departments) mention her, there is the same complaint of her heavy handedness, threats and intimidation (after the obligatory eye rolls). She has far too much influence on the daily workings of the animal shelter, a department which she and Mr. Robinson have no experience in running. Her title of “Community Builder” is truly laughable and shows how out of touch our Mayor is these days.

  5. Her title is laughable when she repeatedly tells the public that “you’re either with us or against us.” Not much for community building, but rather creating contention.

  6. As I’ve said on multiple occasions, the bottom-line reason for this entire problem (and most of the others that Mr. Fischer is experiencing) is that he has surrounded himself with ‘yes men and women’ who will not participate in ‘critical thinking’ about appointments, decision-making or any other aspect to management. That’s HIS FAULT. He should INSIST on an internal management team that ‘challenges’ each other for the purpose of coming up with the best decision/s/. Instead, he’s served by a ‘mutual admiration society’ of people who operate like a bunch of lemmings (walking straight into the Artic Ocean). Possibility City is proving itself to be Impossible.

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