Public Works: More Sadiqa Reynolds Mess In Action

Could someone get us some sweet jobs with Public Works?

Because this guy has been taking a nap for the past ninety minutes or so:



Parked beneath a bank of trees on a quiet street in the Highlands. Music playing from his smartphone. His partner watching a video on his own phone.

We walked by a few times to see what the deal was, asked what they were up to, were advised that they were just killing time, that they weren’t on break.

After we identified ourselves as journalists, the guy got angry and decided to leave.

But ten minutes later, after he thought we’d departed, he showed back up.

Here he is yelling expletives:


How we knew about this spot: it’s an area Public Works employees go on a daily basis to nap, vehicles idling, disturbing neighbors. Neighbors who have complained to us for weeks on end because Public Works and Sadiqa Reynolds both ignore their complaints.

Possibility City!

6 thoughts on “Public Works: More Sadiqa Reynolds Mess In Action

  1. Good God Almighty. This guys working harder than ole Sadiqa. Wonder what she’s got in her truck.

  2. That’s nothing. Some morning, go by Webb’s Grocery. That’s where Public Works and Facilities Metro employees hang out. On your tax dollar.

    This is how it works: first, they go to work and clock in (it’s a bio read clock so no one can pull the wool over management’s eyes…). Then, they get in their Metro vehicles and head over to Webb’s for breakfast and morning coffee. On the clock.

    And if management catches them? Oh! Well! They were on break! They were coordinating schedules!! Then: 1. the employees are written up ie disciplined 2. they grieve the disciplinary action and blame management (usually it’s something like “he’s retaliating and harassing me” – that’s the favorite) 3. metro refuses to back management 4. write up done away with 5. the cycle continues.

  3. Must have been a different truck than the one in the pictures….. Seems like you would have pictures talking to this guy if you did.

  4. Uh, nope, they’re not the same image.

    There’s a series of about 70 images on the taker’s iPhone.

    Can you see? Head turned right in one, head turned left in another.

    But thanks for the spin, you lazy fuckers.

  5. This is nothing new. Years of buddy hires, nepotism, being told “who works and who doesn’t”, union collusion (the steward is paid by Metro to put his feet up in the union office), and managers who attempt to get real work done being harrassed and told to “let it go”. It is a wonder ANY work is done!

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