Major LMAS Scandal Update: New Committee

If you’re not familiar with the Sadie-Margaret Brosko scandal, get caught up because it’s about to be a big deal again:

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It was merely the latest in a long string of hundreds of similar stories detailing the myriad scandals at Louisville Metro Animal Services.

Unfortunately for the citizens of our fine city, Mayor Greg Fischer essentially told me (Jake) to take a hike. He ignored the mess. He refused to deal with it. He and his staff went so far as to attempt to retaliate against me behind the scenes by going to our advertisers. Par for the course.

But guess what?

Councilman Kelly Downard and Councilwoman Cindy Fowler are today announcing an ad-hoc committee to investigate the nightmare we’ve come to know as Metro Animal Services.

The Sadie-Margaret Brosko story was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

At a press conference this afternoon, they’ll reveal committee members and offer additional details.

The nightmare isn’t over but it’s the beginning of the end.

Media: When you get the press release announcing the presser? That’s what it’s about. So get your camera crews ready and show up. You’ve done a miserable job covering LMAS through the years and this is your chance to turn a new leaf. I’ve already done the dirty work for you. Not even asking you to give me the credit I deserve — that’s how important this is. Now just pick up and run with it. You have no excuse.

Message to Fischer: You never should have lied about cleaning up LMAS. You never should have blown the issue off. You never should have instructed Sadiqa Reynolds to develop a plan for secrecy. You never, ever should have tried whitewashing LMAS. You never should have come for me for merely doing my job because that motivated me to work harder.

Because this is what you get: the city’s legislative body forming a bi-partisan investigative committee to clean your administration’s clock.

I’ve seen the evidence. I know those responsible, I know the witnesses, I know what’s already been uncovered. This is an issue I’ve been knee-deep in for the better part of a decade. And for the first time ever? I know you won’t walk away from this without being held responsible.

You’re only as good as you treat your elderly, the less fortunate, the animals.

I’ll run a story later today with specifics.

This city truly does have compassionate citizens and it’s those compassionate people who will clean this mess up — not Fischer.

UPDATE: Metro TV will cover the press conference scheduled for 1:30 today.



Press release from Metro Council:

Metro Council President Jim King (D-10) has announced the establishment of a new Animal Services ad-hoc committee. The committee will be tasked with reviewing reports on regarding Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS) and their handling of an animal under their control. The committee has been asked to review the actions of the department, hear from department leadership and review policies regarding the operations at LMAS. The committee will be comprised of five members and will be co-chaired by Councilman Kelly Downard (R-16) and Councilwoman Cindi Fowler (D-14).

“When the reports of problems came to my attention, I asked Councilwoman Fowler and Councilman Downard to quietly assess the situation and report back to me with their findings. On Monday, I met with them and they have expressed their concern that there are certain matters that we as a council should address.” – Council President Jim King

“This committee will focus on getting a complete examination of Louisville Metro Animal Services. We take our legislative responsibility of oversight seriously and we intend to gather information to ensure that the best interests of our animal population are being served” – Councilman Kelly Downard

“We must take up this issue to find the facts of the situation and rectify any problems that surface from our inquires. We appreciate the cooperation of LMAS and the administration as we conduct this fact finding mission”. – Councilwoman Cindi Fowler

The Metro Council Animal Services Ad-Hoc Committee will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, August 27 at 4:00 p.m. in the Chambers of the Louisville Metro Council. Full membership for the committee will be announced in the coming days. The Animal Services Ad-Hoc Committee will not process legislation or take votes on matters and any council member who wishes to attend may do so. The President has indicated the Ad Hoc Committee will have eight weeks to review and complete any recommendations for action to the Metro Council

I’ll archive video of the presser later today and publish it here.


15 thoughts on “Major LMAS Scandal Update: New Committee

  1. I cannot wait to see how all of this unfolds. This has been such a long time coming. Thank you Jake for never backing down. I hope the media is paying attention and gives this story the coverage it deserves.

  2. Many have rolled their eyes, cracked jokes, dismissed this as partisan, political or wrongly motivated. Unfortunately, many in the local media have cast aspersions or ignored Metro Animal Services entirely.

    So I’m grateful for everyone who has stood up, to everyone who has allowed me to tell this story.

  3. several weeks ago I went to the facility on Newburg Road to adopt a pug I saw on television. I was overwhelmed at all the beautiful animals that are waiting to be adopted. I left there determined that we could do so much better in getting them adopted. I am hosting an event at my family’s restaurant. It is called Mutts at Mike’s. It is September 21st. All the rescue groups are coming and hopefully LMAS.

  4. It’s time for the rescues to band together and change the shelter. There is no longer any excuse to watch this and use the fear of being shut out of pulling animals to not take action. Margaret is gone, Donald’s boxes are packed! TELL the new leadership how things are going to be. Take control. YOU can stop the killing. DEMAND marketing of these animals and free access by the public of the Manslick Rd. facility. LEAVE YOUR EGOS ASIDE AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE ANIMALS OF OUR COMMUNITY. If we don’t all come together now when is it going to happen? How many more pets have to die?

  5. Debbie: That’s terrific! Thank you.

    Now, wouldn’t you think LMAS would want to pair up with the city’s loudest animal advocate with the largest animal advocacy audience to help get animals adopted? They refuse to allow me to promote animals up for adoption.

    Christy: Spot-on. Time for the community to step in while putting personal issues aside.

  6. Congratulations to you, Jake. As my dear old Dad said one time, “The secret to life is to stay on the merry-go-round long enough, because sooner or later it’ll come around again and you can kick the ass of the guy who’s been trying to kick yours.”

  7. No need to thank me. Thank Downard and Fowler for finally stepping up. It takes guts to take on a sitting mayor who is walking to re-election.

  8. She stocks (stocked?) shelves at Trader Joe’s and does some work for Yew Dell Gardens. That’s since being fired/”resigned”.

  9. Good job Jake. After working for the city under Fischer’s watch I am ashamed I ever voted for him. The corruption, abuse and retaliation will continue unabated but in this case, at least, the wronged parties will have their day.

  10. The committee is nice, but can they do anything when Sadiqua, Margaret and the rest lie to them? They are never going to admit anything to the Council or the public. Can Greg protect them when they are caught in lies? Will Greg have to answer for any of this or will he let others take the fall? How many other things is he ignoring/hiding?

  11. They can’t lie when the evidence is right in front of them. The Committee already has a mountain of evidence. It’s already been received by Council.

    Council can subpoena people — including Rebecca Eaves — to make them talk.

    Greg can’t protect them. It’s too late for that. I imagine some of them will be sacrificial lambs. Starting with Margaret Brosko.

  12. As usual Fisher turns a blind eye when he is wrong. He needs to get a pair of balls and fess up.He has more worrie’s about bike lanes ( what a joke ) Let’s vote him out, we need new blood for people who care about animal’s. Fisher is not the saint he thinks he is. When is the last time he made a SURPRISE VISIT to the animal shelter, I mean unannounced. You already know the answer. We need to stand together and get him out of office.

  13. You’re stuck with Greg for at least four more years unless he resigns. Which… won’t happen. Because he’s not going to get elected to anything else.

  14. If Harry Truman had the guts to fire General MacArthur (a WWII hero) because he refused to be answerable to the President — surely Greg Fischer has the ‘guts’ to fire Sadiqua Reynolds, who isn’t a hero in any World War and is fully chargeable as totally and completely incompetent. But, then again, like Senator Benson said about Dan Quayle — “I knew Preseident Kennedy and you’re no President Kennedy”, Greg Fischer ain’t no Harry Truman.

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