Greg Fischer’s Horrific LMAS Scandal Rages On

Had Kenneth Simmons worked a normal 40-hour week, he would have earned about $45,000 a year, on average, during the last six years of his career as a jail officer for Louisville Metro Corrections. Instead, Simmons worked what he described as an “ungodly” amount of overtime, pushing his average pay from 2008 to 2013 above $89,000. [WDRB]

About 1,500 elementary school students will spend less time en route to school this year because Jefferson County Public Schools is closing six bus depots. [C-J/AKN]

As parents receive classroom assignments and school supply lists, local organizations took time out to help ease the stress of supply shopping with a backpack giveaway. [WHAS11]

Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear on Friday announced appointments to state university governing boards, including campaign donors who cumulatively have given more than $500,000 to him, the Kentucky Democratic Party and others. [John Cheves]

WARNING: RIDICULOUS AUTOPLAY VIDEO! Remember, Kentucky Humane Society may do a few good things but its leadership are partially responsible for much of what’s gone wrong with Metro Animal Services. [WLKY]

Wait, wait, the last paragraph of this Fineman story will cause you to wet yourself! [HuffPo]

Does anybody really believe this incident in Schnitzelburg is anything more than a stunt gone wrong? [WAVE3]

Want to read the most scandalous Louisville Metro Animal Services story yet? Have at it. The worst in eight years of our LMAS coverage. Everyone from Greg Fischer on down are to blame and should be prosecuted. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Jefferson County Judge-Executive Bryan Mathews resigned Thursday after two legal opinions said it was a conflict of interest for him to also work as a Louisville Metro Council aide. [WFPL]

Like it or not, Louisville’s transportation system doesn’t stack up against that of any other city. [FiveThirtyEight]

Ford Motor Co. reported U.S. sales in July of 212,236 vehicles — up 10 percent from last year. [Business First]

The New Albany City Council has no ordinances or resolutions on its agenda for Monday’s meeting. [News & Tribune]

4 thoughts on “Greg Fischer’s Horrific LMAS Scandal Rages On

  1. Wow, talk about excessive OT. I can understand during the winter months and stuff, but all the time?

    The comment about first dibs on OT is different. I come from a union family, and know guys who work Ford. At my dad’s former employer, your name was on a list. You got OT today, and you’re name went to the bottom of the list and worked its way back up. Ford has mandatory OT, where you’re told you’re working late that night, etc…

  2. A lot of OT at LMEMS is mandatory – working for 16 hours. Some do use the voluntary OT to boost their pay (and retirement) but also they can plan their life by working voluntary and not get zapped as often by mandatory.

  3. The first article about ‘overtime’ work by Metro employees is YET ANOTHER example of what a totally PITIFUL job that Mayor Happy Pants did around here for 25 years!!!!!!!! The guy was a complete joke — who managed to hoodwink the public by some sort of amorphous association with the Courier-Journal that NEVER allowed a single investigative report to ever surface (in my memory) that would advise the public of his complete incapacity as an effective leader. It was sheer pablum, rose-lined-paths and dump trucks full of bull shit that was sold this town — and Louisville will pay the price for that for DECADES TO COME.

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