Greg Fischer Begins LMAS Whitewash Phase Two

Here’s a release from Greg Fischer’s spokesperson, Chris Poynter:

Mayor Requests Review of Alleged Animal Services Incident

The Metro Council’s decision to appoint an ad hoc committee to examine allegations involving a dog at Louisville Metro Animal Services — without first receiving the information that the Animals Services team had offered for weeks to provide them — led Mayor Greg Fischer today to ask the city’s Public Integrity Unit to review the incident.

Fischer said the review involving the canine Sadie would ensure that all details are aired in a fair, unbiased way.

“We have made unprecedented progress at Animal Services and have turned around the agency, but anytime questions arise about city services, our citizens deserve the details,” Fischer said. “My approach is to always seek the facts and let the data inform the process.”

Fischer noted that in 2010, just before he became Mayor, Animal Services was a department in crisis, with a vacuum in leadership and a live animal release rate of 38 percent. In less than four years, the agency has been transformed with a live release rate of 74 percent while creating strategic partnerships with local and national animal agencies, including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and Best Friends Animal Society. Both partnerships resulted after an intense review of Metro Animal Services’ staff, policies and strategic objectives by animal care professionals from around the nation.

Fischer said his team examined allegations surrounding Sadie when they first surfaced earlier this summer and determined that employees did nothing improper. In fact, although Sadie was surrendered by her owner and could have been euthanized upon intake, staff worked to find a foster home in an attempt to save her life. The team constantly works to reduce the number of animals euthanized, even paying for trips to transfer animals to other cities, where they are adopted.

“I believe that a review by the Public Integrity Unit should answer all the questions that have been raised by my team, the public and the Metro Council,” Fischer said. “The data shows that, under the leadership of Assistant Director Donald Robinson, impressive performance gains have continued even though the employees of Animal Services have some of the most emotionally challenging jobs in Metro Government, taking care of animals that people abuse and neglect or abandon.”

As you can see, it’s complete b.s. Little, if any, progress has been made at LMAS. I’ve proved it for literally years.

We’ve already proved the “live release rate” nonsense is just that — nonsense.

The part about investigating the Sadie complaints? That’s just shockingly absurd. It’s sickening.

And the opening part about Councilman Downard not accepting information from Metro Animal Services? Unreal.

This is why LMAS has festered for nearly a decade. Complete horseshit from people like Greg Fischer.


Tomorrow I’m publishing more damning information. And then we’ll start releasing recorded telephone conversations involving Sadiqa Reynolds.

If these folks want to play revisionist history? We’ll eat them alive with reality.

9 thoughts on “Greg Fischer Begins LMAS Whitewash Phase Two

  1. The first hint of a problem (if a hint is needed here) is for the Executive branch of any government TO INVESTIGATE ITSELF. The Legislative Branch should investigate the situation. They’re responsible for funding it and overseeing it from a legislative standpoint. They’re also elected, just like the Mayor is — and they’re entitled to investigate, assess the investigated facts and reach a conclusion which can be turned over to the proper authorities for prosecution (if needed) or the public for their consideration.

    It’s a waste of time for the Executive Branch of anything to be investigating itself.

    This gets more preposterous every day, but the problem is that more ‘circle-jerking’ is doing nothing but exhaserbate the situation. Let ’em have it Jake.

  2. wait, you’re telling me that little progress has been made since Meloche was in charge?
    C’mon. My hyperbole meter is off the charts with that one…

  3. At the appropriate time, it would be good to organize some *peaceful* stands (not yet protests; hoping for a positive outome, not holding breath) to raise awareness to the situation and keep it in the forefront of the news/public.

  4. I am incensed by the lack of factual data in this release. Does anyone in the Mayor’s office have a shred of integrity left? The Mayor and his staff have done everything in their power to KEEP the facts of this case concealed, to the point of breaking laws relating to Open Records. When I first started requesting open records regarding the dog Sadie in April of this year, they withheld documents I knew existed. When I asked for particular emails, they denied they existed. The documents they did turn over were so redacted they were impossible to read. I finally had to write the Attorney General’s office to file a complaint against Metro Government. This is the only reason they became aware of the Sadie case, because they were trying to figure out how best to conceal what had occurred and protect the employee involved, Margaret Brosko. They were definitely NOT on a fact finding mission. To say that after their little office investigation they determined that “employees did nothing improper” is outrageous. Yes, Sadie could have been euthanized the moment she came into Metro. Yes, a foster came forward. But it is the facts that occurred in the following six months that are at the core of the allegations. Margaret Brosko, now in the Mayor’s office, was aware and ignored the medical condition of the dog, allowed the money that was raised for the dogs amputation to be spent elsewhere and did nothing for the dog until the day she chewed her injured leg off and had to be euthanized. Those are the indisputable facts that exist. Even if the Mayor’s office refused to turn over the emails that PROVE this, I have them, obtained from another source. They had numerous opportunities to hand over those emails in open records and chose not to do so, by stating repeatedly they didn’t exist. Their gamble that I wouldn’t be able to come up with them was a losing one, just like this administration that believes they are above the law, and the public will believe anything they say as long as they keep chanting how everything has “turned around” at LMAS.

  5. Karen– I’ll be publishing your letters tomorrow.

    Would do it today but it’d be information overload.

    Thank you for chiming in!

  6. Isn’t it interesting that Brosko is never mentioned in this release? Is Greg trying to distance himself from his body person?

    The only fragment of a sentence that is true out of this press release is “…. the employees of Animal Services have some of the most emotionally challenging jobs in Metro Government….”

    There is just no way for them to spin this without making it worse.

  7. Jake, I have some records of an LMAS foster I had that required medical attention that I paid for that can send your way. Also, this situation sparked a memory of another LMAS foster that I had back in the Rescue Waggin days. I specifically told Margaret Brosko the dog had kennel cough and she told me “don’t worry about it”. Well the dog missed transport of course and on the day Brosko was shocked I would bring a sick dog. I have some emails to support this. It’s not nearly at the same level as Sadie, but in my opinion points to a pattern of behavior. I have plenty of stories but who doesn’t? Thank you for continuing to push for change.

  8. Christy: Yes, Greg’s trying to distance himself so he can use her as a sacrificial lamb. As if she’s the only person responsible. You hit the nail on the head.

    Shannon: Sent you an email.

  9. Wonder who’s gonna ‘scoup the poop’ when the ‘poop hits the fan’?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds to me like there’s gonna be enough for the National Guard trucks to get involved.

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