Another Weekend, Another Bunch Of Fun Shootings

Sitting around with his family has never felt so good for Leon Nelson. [WDRB]

Jefferson County students with some of the most critical behavioral and mental health needs will get additional help this school year. [C-J/AKN]

A shooting near downtown Louisville left one man in grave condition at University Hospital. [WHAS11]

Lexington loves shooting people almost as much as Louisville loves shooting people. [H-L]

Three people were rushed to the hospital following an early Sunday morning shooting in Jeffersonville. [WLKY]

Three third-graders from the Chicago suburbs were the force behind a new law that increases penalties for animal abuse. [HuffPo]

Visitors to Louisville’s Urban Bourbon Trail now have more stamps to collect on their passports while visiting hot spots in town. [WAVE3]

You already know that Matt Bevin is a butthurt jackass. But did you know he’s also less intelligent than a five-year-old? Here he is blaming voters for his monstrous defeat at the hands of Mitch McConnell. It wasn’t that he praised bailouts, fudged his online résumé or even that he got caught appearing at a pro-cockfighting rally. [Sam Youngman]

In 2011, Louisville’s Westport Middle School was deemed a “persistently low-achieving” school by the state. As we reported last year, Westport has begun to make gains in student achievement (albeit slowly—it’s still ranked in the bottom 10 percent of schools statewide). With those advancements have come gains in student behavior and school culture. [WFPL]

Last week was a long one, endured under the onslaught of an awful summer cold and played out across the commonwealth. It began in Fancy Farm and ended it in Corbin with a trip to Hazard in between. [Ronnie Ellis]

Louisville-based Beam Technologies LLC will move most of its operations to Columbus after closing a $5 million investment with a Columbus-based venture-capital firm. [Business First]

An arrest warrant has been issued for a bank employee after an investigation indicted she targeted elderly clients and stole more than $100,000 from their accounts. [News & Tribune]

2 thoughts on “Another Weekend, Another Bunch Of Fun Shootings

  1. “Lexington vs. Louisville on Gun-Slinging”

    Lexington Lex: “Lou, we’re catching up to you on havin’ guns. Powerful, ain’t it?”

    Louisville Lou: “I say we do what ole Georgia’s doin’. A gun in every damn building’ in KY. Now, that would really be potent.”

  2. Oh c’mon, who doesn’t want to go into a bar full of drunks late on Saturday night who are all packing heat?


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