More “Compassionate City” Bullshit Floats To Top

Right now there is only an old run down tobacco barn on the site in rural eastern Shelby County. [WDRB]

Want a load of bullshit to start your morning? Here’s some compassionate city nonsense, written by a PR lady, pushed by her law firm bosses. It’s absurd and offensive, sadly. [C-J/AKN]

Louisville Metro Public Works will present a report to the Metro Council Thursday evening about the new bike lanes. [WHAS11]

“Does the $11K the campaign paid for the bus include fuel costs?” the Herald-Leader asked Norton in an email Tuesday night. “The driver and bus rental are included in the fee we pay; fuel is additional,” Norton responded. But Politico wrote Thursday morning that Norton’s answer to the Herald-Leader “directly contradicts what they told Politico in an Aug. 8 email and what Federal Election Commission reports show.” [Sam Youngman]

WARNING! RIDICULOUS AUTOPLAY VIDEO! The Kentucky State Fair is also world stage for the World Championship Horse Show, one of the biggest horse shows on earth. [WLKY]

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) refused to weigh in on the issue of man-made climate change in a recent interview, giving it a wide berth ahead of his re-election battle in November. [HuffPo]

A mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service is facing charges that he stole drugs from packages being mailed from a hospital to the homes of patients. [WAVE3]

Former governor Martha Layne Collins addressed the Women’s Network of Madison County on Tuesday night in a packed community room at Central Bank in Richmond. [Richmond Register]

State law makes it possible for students to have an excused absence as early as the second day of the school year to attend the Kentucky State Fair. [WFPL]

Most attention Thursday at the Kentucky Farm Bureau Ham Breakfast at the state fair was on ham and the U.S. Senate race. But two of the three announced candidates for governor in 2015 — Republicans Hal Heiner and James Comer — were on hand busy shaking hands. [Ronnie Ellis]

The Louisville Metro Council Budget Committee voted unanimously, 10-0,Thursday to extend an agreement with Cordish Cos. through Dec. 31 to develop the downtown property located on the block bounded by Muhammad Ali Boulevard and Liberty, Second and Third streets. [Business First]

Above the doorway from the office to the garage at Grider’s Automotive in Jeffersonville hangs a map of the United States. It’s yellowed around the edges, and duct tape keeps the lower corners affixed to the wall. [News & Tribune]

3 thoughts on “More “Compassionate City” Bullshit Floats To Top

  1. Who in God’s name is this guy with his “compassionate city” malarky? It’s hard to believe that his crap wasn’t invented by a couple of Fishy’s predecessors like Mayors Happy Pants or Arm’weak.’ It fits their M.O. perfectly. Set up a non-calcuable but ‘wonderfully nice’ goal (“most compassionate city”) then go about spending much of your time proclaiming you’re achieving it (ignoring completely the murder rate and the lousy public school education product, or the plight of the state pension mess, etc. — then find some goofy magazine or on-line prop to vote you in — and WHAMMO we won. This kind of B.S. and a dime used to get you a cup of coffee, but now it won’t even by the sugar to put in the coffee.

  2. Extend the Agreement with Cordish!…..Who didn’t know that would happen. Why not END the Agreement and open it to Local Stakeholders offering them the same benefits that Cordish has gotten. Local participation would be more solid and dedicated to the flavor and fabric of Louisville!
    Give some of that FREE Money to the Local Creative Biz folks and see what happens.

  3. Chief: The Kordashians own it and they keep it, because you can’t kick Jesse James out of town when the townies are owned by Jessie. Mayor Happy Pants continue what Mayor Arm’weak’ started. Why should it end? It’s been terrific. The moving van business to and from Kordashia has tripled since Arm’weak’ gave the store away.

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