You Already Know You Can’t Trust Greg Fischer

It’s almost been two weeks since this scene on River Road shocked witnesses, the EMS Community, and the victim’s families. [WDRB]

Focusing on the strategies and programs in place to improve academic achievement and ensuring schools have the resources they need are at the top of Donna Hargens’ to-do list as she begins the final year of her four-year contract as superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools. [C-J/AKN]

We were the first to bring you these rumors and we heard them directly from GE management. Fortunately for readers here, you already know you can’t trust anything Greg Fischer says. Speculation of a sale of General Electric’s Appliance Park has made it all the way to Louisville’s mayor, Greg Fischer. [WHAS11]

A human leg has been recovered from the Ohio River in western Kentucky prompting officials to search for other remains in the waterway. [H-L]

It’s strange when something other than an automobile or gun kills someone in Louisville. [WLKY]

The Republican National Committee is celebrating former President George W. Bush’s birthday this weekend by selling wistful “I Miss W.” t-shirts to its supporters. [HuffPo]

With lights flashing, police say a tow truck operator would have been easy to spot near the Gene Snyder Freeway Thursday night, but his death leaves a woman charged with drunk driving and murder. [WAVE3]

This is Day Six of the Golden Poo Awards. Jump in and make nominations for days one through five now. [Page One]

The plans to tear down Louisville’s largest remaining public housing complex will take at least a decade to be finalized, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said. [WFPL]

Seven people were shot and wounded, one critically, early Saturday in an Indianapolis night club district after an argument broke out between two people, police said. [Reuters]

The Clark Memorial Bridge — or Second Street Bridge as it is widely called — is set to close at midnight Tuesday. [Business First]

A Greater Clark County Schools board of trustees member was indicted on felony theft charges in Franklin, Tenn., in May. [News & Tribune]

2 thoughts on “You Already Know You Can’t Trust Greg Fischer

  1. When the Louisville Mayor (historically) has nothing going for the City other than ‘pap and pablum’ then it’s essential that the ‘rumor-mill’ be utilized CONSTANTLY to make the public think that there’s REALLY BIG STUFF in the offing. This ‘crap’ has been going on since Merry Jerry was around (1985) and is primarily orchestrated by the PR stunts of the SAME PR staff led by the same PR ‘guru.’ In other words — when nothings going on of any REAL value — then put the ink in the press and tell the lazy public that we’re a ‘world class city’ or that the ‘university’ is in the ACC or that only really ‘with-it’ cities have bicycle lanes cause traffic havoc (because the bicyclists refuse to honor traffic laws while driving in the traffic-laden streets) or like hinting ‘big things or coming.’ It’s all a little old and a little over-used — but that’s the way this place operates, because the public is PRIMARILY asleep as the ‘beer truck rolls down Lombard Hill without a driver.’

  2. “Only Crazies Can Miss W”

    One can hardly believe they miss Bush.
    I still would like to kick him in the tush.
    He blew a surplus and brought a recession.
    His trumped-up wars were a hellish procession.
    If the crazies think Obama is much worse, They are afflicted with the Devil’s curse.
    The only demon worse than ‘W’ is a big dick.
    His name is Cheney and he makes us all sick.

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