Two People Speak Up In Support Of Equality Again

In light of today’s ruling on gay marriage, let’s highlight words from two elected officials playing key roles in the movement.

Congressman John Yarmuth has stood up for equality since his days at the liberal rag he started:

“Judge Heyburn’s ruling striking down Kentucky’s marriage ban affirms once again that there is no government interest in discrimination against same-sex couples. I am proud our Commonwealth has joined the growing list of states recognizing that the right to marry applies to all citizens.”

And Louisville Metro Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh has been a leader for equality since day one. As an out lesbian herself, she’s never shied away from a fight (even with Jake) and she’s living proof that standing in the face of adversity is a way to force change:

“Oh the sun is shining brighter on my old Kentucky home today. It is no surprise that Judge Heyburn rightly followed his previous logic in striking down this 2004 amendment in KY. I am grateful for his intellect and clear interpretation that the ban is simply unconstitutional. Equally important, I believe, is the distinction that “civil marriage” should be available to all. This struggle for equality has always been about civil rights for everyone. Today KY moves ever closer to forming a more perfect union and my cup is running over with pride.”

It’s a shame people like Jim Gray don’t have the courage to speak up like these two.

Even more of a shame that people like Steve Beshear think it’s appropriate to waste taxpayer dollars fighting in support of continued discrimination.

Kudos to Yarmuth and Ward-Pugh.

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