Transparency: Fischer Put His Foot In His Mouth

Here’s what Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer had to say recently:

β€œAnd it might sound trite, but the government is the people and it is the citizens, so there are no secrets.” – Mayor Greg Fischer July 14, 2014.

Just a week later, we broke this scandal that flies in the face of everything Greg Fischer has ever said or done.

Oh, anyone expecting a feel-good response from Greg Fischer: just give up now. He’s had his chance(s) to clean things up and has done nothing but further the waste, fraud, abuse of public trust, corruption and abuse of animals that absolutely could have and should have been stopped. If you expect him to say or do anything that could make you feel better? That’s like expecting an abuser to change and stop beating you. It’s a similar mentality.

Quit it with the hope and change and compassion bullshit and hold the man and his people accountable.

Rather than do anything, Fischer’s folks have taken to calling our advertisers this morning in an attempt to malign characters and harm our business. Rather than take positive action, that’s what they do. Just like the Democrats in 2011, they’d rather go after the messenger who uncovers the scandal instead of doing their jobs. That’s their true character.

It’s a sad week in Possibility City.

UPDATE: Want a nice roundup of some of our significant LMAS stories? You’ll find a decent list of them by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Transparency: Fischer Put His Foot In His Mouth

  1. Is that not enough for a law suit? Or ethics complaint/charges? When are enough people in Jefferson County going to realize what a huge mistake they’ve made? Too many people satisfied with their rose-colored glasses, I suppose. The whole country is far too apathetic.

  2. I have a recommendation for George’s Boy. Instead of ‘talking through’ yes-folks like, Mr. Poynter — get rid of all the yes-folks and TALK TO THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED YOU — YOURSELF. I’m sick and tired of hearing from Poynter (as if HE was the Mayor). Poynter is NOTHING. He owes NO responsibility to the public. The guy who OWES THE RESPONSIBILITY TO THE PUBLIC is GREG FISCHER. Stand up and Speak — or resign due to your incompetence.

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