Of Course LMEMS Is Involved In Another Mess

A controversial policy will remain in place at Louisville’s Atherton High School. The policy allows transgender students to use the restrooms and locker rooms of their choice. [WDRB]

Louisville officials face an uphill legal battle trying to force Norfolk Southern Corp. to allow pedestrian traffic on one side of the K and I railroad bridge. [C-J/AKN]

Another day, yet another pedestrian death in Possibility City. [WHAS11]

Ford is recalling 100,610 vehicles in North America for various safety defects. [H-L]

Warning: stupid auto-play video alert. Authorities have recovered a young man’s body from the waters rock quarry Tuesday afternoon near South Park Road after a three-day search. [WLKY]

The Alison Grimes embarrassment continues. In a new ad from Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes, retired coal miner Don Disney looks straight into the camera and asks Mitch McConnell why he voted to raise his Medicare costs by $6,000. The only problem? McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, cast no such vote. [HuffPo]

Several suburban Louisville fire districts will pull back from all but the most serious medical calls starting this week, a decision that top-ranking emergency officials cautioned would put lives at risk. We hear Richmond is 100% to blame for this. [WAVE3]

Life-size human statues and column bases from a long-lost temple dedicated to a supreme god have been discovered in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq. [HuffPo]

Here’s a look at the sad and continued death of your local newspaper. While WDRB’s acquisition of Konz isn’t that big of a deal (we love her and all that but let’s face it, any journalist with guts can do that job at the paper), it’s the perfect illustration of what’s going down in Gannettland. [WFPL]

Today John Yarmuth will meet with representatives from Catholic Charities of Louisville, Federally Employed Women, the Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities, and the National Academy Foundation. [Press Release]

Randall (Randy) Combs has been named CFO of Louisville-based KentuckyOne Health Inc. KentuckyOne operates Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Saint Joseph Hospital in Lexington and several other facilities across the state. [Business First]

A $25 million private investment on property that is one of the first sights of Jeffersonville now may be lost through a city council vote. [News & Tribune]

4 thoughts on “Of Course LMEMS Is Involved In Another Mess

  1. If Dr. Richmond had not alienated EVERY Fire Chief in the county, this would not be happening. He has an obvious bias against firefighters and has used them as a scapegoat for his failures as a leader. When he came here he had NO EMS adminstrative experience. He also has alienated the local Emergency Medical community to the point NO hospital will act as Medical Control for LMEMS. All this from a doctor who has NO privileges in any hospital in Kentucky and goes out of state to practice medicine on a regular basis. What department head of a “major” (or so the mayor woulld like to claim) city has a second job? When will Fischer man up and start taking charge? Stop taking your marching orders from Daddy and Abramson!

  2. And I seem to recall that having said privileges was a requirement in his contract? I’m told he goes to Ft. Bragg to practice medicine?

  3. His “contract” is a joke. He was supposed to be a professor of Emergency Medicine at U of L, too, but his arrogance pissed off all the U of L attendings and he was “asked” to leave. I have friends in FDNY and they had no respect for him there.

    What were his qualifications to run an EMS system, other than being an assistant medical director in NYC? BTW – there are dozens of assistant medical directors at FDNY…

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