No Kill Louisville Continues Its Grifting, Misleading

Remember that series we did on No Kill Louisville’s new leaders and… well… how jacked the whole shebang is? Misappropriation of funds, refusing to provide IRS-mandated documentation upon request, misleading the public and potential thievery. It’s a hot mess.

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Well… they’ve gone through TWO treasurers since then. One of them was even a CPA (this means she can count and won’t fall for nonsense) and then hauled ass away from the organization. Another girl took over and she, too, jumped ship.

But remember this guy?

Turns out he, too, has finally seen through them:



Even their original defenders are jumping ship. Because the Ficklins are unable to back up any of their claims — claims that we’ve disproved with bank records and evidence provided by former board members and attorneys.

Nice to see people from the inside admitting that what went down was serious.

So much for the Ficklins’ claims that there was nothing to see, move along, puppies and rainbows.

Meanwhile, the Ficklins are back to swindling money from the public:


And pretending to be responsible for helping the homeless feed their dogs (they’re not):


Sadly, they just show up. It’s My Dog Eats First that actually does all the work, raises funds and helps the homeless. Neither No Kill Louisville nor the Ficklins are responsible.

There’s just a bunch of sitting around:


For a look at just how disconnected from animals these people are, have a look how Ficklin approaches a nervous dog — in a manner that would cause even the most friendly pet to react aggressively:


It’s a shame the public gets taken for a ride by shysters but it’s nice to see people like Ritchie Gypsy stand up for what’s right.

Slowly but surely, rescuers and rescue organizations are distancing themselves from NKL and that’s a trend that should continue.

2 thoughts on “No Kill Louisville Continues Its Grifting, Misleading

  1. This bunch goes through officers/board members quicker than Rebecca & Jeremy eat a tray of meat. What are they going to do with these funds they are attempting to raise? They don’t have any active programs. Don’t be a sucker people.

  2. This organization continues to amaze me and not in a good way. They continue to ask for money but nobody knows what they do with it. They have no viable programs and now they are asking for money to buy tents for the homeless – wonderful idea – but has nothing to do with No Kill’s mission statement. They are doing nothing but riding on the coattails of others to give the appearance that they are doing something. I don’t understand why people continue to donate to them. Guess it is true that there is a sucker born every day.

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