Just When You Thought Greg Couldn’t Get Worse

Read this announcement:

Dear colleagues:

Please welcome Margaret Brosko to the Mayor’s Communications Team. She will be the lead staff/body person for the Mayor during his many public appearances, helping juggle the Mayor’s time and interactions with citizens. She will also have special communications assignments as time permits.

Margaret started her city government career in Metro Parks and most recently helped transform Metro Animal Services into the much-improved agency it is today. She is a former television reporter and worked for the National Parks Service.

Please welcome Margaret to our team.


Chris Poynter
Communications Director
Office of Mayor Greg Fischer

Hoo boy!

Much-improved agency, indeed!

The agency that STILL has an abysmal kill rate. It’s not improved. The agency that still euthanizes thousands upon thousands of animals. The agency that is repeatedly directed by failures who eventually get spooked or “resigned” (fired) when they realize we’re not backing down.

The agency that still operates an animal shelter so filthy and disgusting that the public isn’t allowed on-site.

The agency that, at the behest of Greg Fischer and his right-hand hack, Sadiqa Reynolds, refuses to allow volunteers to assist thousands of animals in need if they so much as question authority or offer helpful suggestions.

The agency, with Brosko at the helm, that refused to provide us information about adoptable animals so we could publicize them. The agency that refuses to this day to re-license our pets (and then threatens us with fines) because we’ve been rightfully critical.

Just wait til you find out what a stellar employee Brosko is. Scandals to make your heart ache and eyes water.

No, we’re not just talking about the time she adopted a dog to impress her former girlfriend… only to return it a few days later when she got dumped. A Pit. She returned a dog she knew would be euthanized because she decided she didn’t want it, not because she couldn’t care for it. And then attempted to hide that from our team when filing open records requests. Only to later cave when employees leaked evidence and LMAS was threatened with an appeal to the Office of the Attorney General.

You’ll really love it.

P.S. We told you this would happen yesterday.

Oh, we forgot!

Remember the hit and run? It cost taxpayers thousands of dollars and it’s been covered up. It’s been completely whitewashed from her personnel file, which we have in our hands:


For a look at just how bad she was at her communications job with LMAS, here you go, folks. Greg Fischer doesn’t just approve of LMAS-style corruption, he promotes it!

Possibility City.

8 thoughts on “Just When You Thought Greg Couldn’t Get Worse

  1. “Lead staff/body person”?????

    Fischer has MORE THAN ONE OF WHATEVER a “BODY PERSON” does?????

    It started with his inauguration when he had to have a two block parade, a blessing at a cathedral and a gala ball – probably triied to get a us supreme to swear him in….

    Someone needs to tell the little man that he is mayor of Louisville, not president –

  2. Nice to see incompetence rewarded yet again in the Mayor’s office. Does anyone there actually look at the statistics coming out of Animal Services? Ms. Brosko presided over a dismal 18% adoption rate despite having 6 full time adoption staff people at Animal House each day. The average number of adoptions was 4 per day. The year before they had less staff and had a 22% adoption rate. Adoptions are in the tank there and it’s their job to know this stuff. Brosko was universally loathed at LMAS for her incompetence and laziness but I guess these are two traits that get you a position near the Mayor. I’m actually glad they moved her, maybe now someone will step in at LMAS that can actually improve the adoption rate and the Mayor and Sadiqa will discover first hand what a waste of taxpayer money she is.

  3. Karen Dickson: Not likely. Just another one taking up the space that a competent person should have.

  4. “Lack of Care & Communication”

    The animals have suffered greatly under Brosko, so now she gets yet another job–in communication, no less! One hopes she does better at the latter, but she will have a difficult task. As the Mayor so awkwardly puts it, she’s his new “staff/body person.” What is that–some kind of stripper?

  5. “Body Person” – Probably hired to keep the unwashed masses from making contact with the mayor. He appears distinctly uncomfortable talking to people who approach him without advance “clearance”. Just like the rumor he does not allow interviews unless he gets the questions to be asked in advance – has to make sure he knows the answer!

  6. I’m curious as to what Brosko has on Fischer. How many more made up titles can he come up with for her city positions? Does this mean that she gets to benefit by eating all the same free meals that Fischer gets? Perks and no work. Cushy.

  7. Question: Is there a male existing in Louisville, who has sufficient talent to be appointed to the inner-circle of George’s son? Answer: No – because the entire staff is being selected by George’s daughter (remember her?)!!!!

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