Greg Fischer Has LMAS Blood On His Hands


Feast your eyes:


If you can’t read the text above, here you go:

At Seven this morning, I stepped outside of my apartment to find a frail, malnourished, scared to death, puppy frantically searching for food inside of my recycling bin. I woke up all of my neighbors immediately and called animal metro Louisville and heard a recording which informed me that they would be open at seven thirty. After many attempts to get a live person, my call was finally answered at seven fifty. I explained the condition of the dog and that my fear was that the dog was near death and needed immediate care. Animal Metro told me they had put the call in and they would be here shortly. It is now past two thirty pm. We bought the pup dog food, and are keeping him hydrated. Will he be rescued? I wonder just what Animal Rescue Louisville is doing right now? Having Lunch?

We attempted making a lift for him to assist him to clinic or something but he cried, growled and was slowly becoming aggressive. Leaving him be, we called several more times over the hours and the woman on the other end of the phone was impatient with me, treating me as if I had done something wrong, isn’t this your job I thought? I wanted to SCREAM! We are sitting here doing everything we can to help this pup and you are pretty much telling me, this is an inconvience to you and the metro Louisville animal services. How ashamed would you feel if Curtis died on my porch? Knowing that there was something more you could’ve done? It is now 2:50pm and the puppy (Curtis we named him) is still sitting on our porch watiting for someone with the tools and resources to restore him back to his maximum health. More have gathered around scared to move Curtis and his frail body waiting for the help to come that is supposedly on the way. He is slowly dying with hope that he will get help, but in our eyes Louisville Animal Metro may never come. Why has no one been here? If we were to call 911 in need of a hospital bed/care we would’ve already been seen and probably stable. Does an animal is the eyes of Louisville Metro have a lesser value and urgency because they are “just animals”? Shame on you guys, if it weren’t for great courageous citizens of the Clifton area “Curtis” would be dead.

Possibility City!

This sort of thing continually happens and Greg Fischer, with the assistance of his spokesperson (Hi, Chris! You’re just as guilty!), continue to blow smoke up this city’s collective ass.

People like our friend, Don Vish, Mr. Compassion, should be ashamed that this sort of thing continues to happen under the leadership of Greg Fischer. All of the people who sing Greg’s praises and sweep serious matters like this under the Metro rug. The Browns, the Blues, Craig Greenberg, even John Yarmuth. They sit on their hands, bite their tongues, throw campaign cash at him. They get upset when you try to have polite discussions with them. But…

You’re only as good as you treat your animals, your children, the elderly and the poor.

8 thoughts on “Greg Fischer Has LMAS Blood On His Hands

  1. This is utterly tragic. It doesn’t take a task force or a PR event or a ‘ribbon cutting’ at Comfy Cow or a walk in a parade or someone carrying around a speakers podium with a Metro seal on it or a prepared speech extolling another example of a ‘world class’ city ——– It SIMPLY TAKES LEADERSHIP. This particular Mayor[ette] has checked his leadership capacity at the ‘hat stand.’ And, worse than that, there’s nothing around him by head’nodding “yes” women and a few “yes” men (here and there). Can you imagine this Mayor[ette] being in charge of the Normandy Invasion!!!!!!! The boats would wind up in Spain.

  2. The dog is now under the care of the Arrow Fund. If you want to follow his progress, check them out on Facebook. They are good people doing wonderful work.

  3. This dog got lucky they didn’t show up because LMAS would have killed him rather than provide medical care. The fact that this city provides no aid in a crisis like this shows how much compassion Fishy has. They show complete indifference if you call them about an animal locked in a hot vehicle as well. ZERO COMPASSION is what these “leaders” need in return. I guess we will see if anyone with the facts has the balls to pursue this act of neglect by LMAS.

  4. Fannypack: You hit the nail on the head. The fact that this city provides no aid in a crisis like this shows how very little compassion anyone has. Because we definitely have the resources to provide it.

    This is a problem with leadership. Here’s the chain: Greg Fischer — Sadiqa Reynolds — LMAS director. Just three people who could have changed the LMAS world. They haven’t done so. In fact, they’re allowing animals like that to rot and suffer while criminals get away with cruel acts.

    To the dozens and dozens of other commenters who aren’t getting through: Tone your hatred for Fischer down a bit. Don’t make threats of violence. Actually show compassion.

  5. Jake: I agree wholeheartedly with you about commenters NOT threatening violence. Many times in a democracy the public becomes aggravated with their selection of a ‘leader.’ The public (around here) has every reason to be aggravated with the present leadership — however, the time will come when he can be replaced — and events like this should serve as the catalyst for THAT CHANGE, not violence.

  6. It is very sad that instead of actually caring about the animal itself all of these comments excepts Donnie’s are are uninformed or miss the point entirely. How many of you have donated to the Arrow Fund to help with Hank’s care?

  7. Uh, miss the point? No one is trashing Arrow Fund and, in fact, most people I know support it.

    Know what you’re talking about before commenting. All negative remarks here are in reference to Metro Animal Services, a disaster of an organization that I have covered for nearly a decade. And not just loosely — I have years and years of first-hand experience.

  8. LMAS is a disgrace and Fischer is a joke.
    Thank you Jake for staying on their asses.

    The Arrow Fund got some of my money today. Every one whose heart broke for that poor pooch should give them a few bucks to help them continue to do their good work- work LMAS and Mayor Fischer can’t be bothered with.

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