Fischer-LMAS Scandal Still Churning Stomachs

An elderly woman’s wish has been granted, and WDRB’s Rachel Collier was there as she was surprised with a gift that will change how she lives. [WDRB]

The Louisville Metro Housing Authority is reevaluating a plan that would implement a $75 monthly rent for randomly selected Section 8 participants after housing advocates called the proposed study unfair. [C-J/AKN]

The Indiana Gaming Commission is investigating a bomb threat that came into the Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth, Ind. July 10. A WHAS11 I-Team investigation uncovered much more about the so-called threat and a man who was publicly lead away in handcuffs that same night. [WHAS11]

Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes’ latest campaign ad unfairly and inaccurately blames U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for lost coal jobs, according to the Kentucky Coal Association. [H-L]

WARNING: Ridiculous auto-play video that no one at the station seems to recognize is awful. Three arson investigations are underway in Old Louisville after a series of early-morning fires were set intentionally, according to investigators. [WLKY]

Agreeing to implement Obamacare’s optional Medicaid expansion could effectively improve the health of babies who haven’t even been born yet. [Think Progress]

Louisville has seen cases of unaccompanied children before concerning countries like Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, but with a large Central American population in the area some agencies are planning ahead. [WAVE3]

Want to read the most scandalous Louisville Metro Animal Services story yet? Have at it. The worst in eight years of our LMAS coverage. Everyone from Greg Fischer on down are to blame and should be prosecuted. [The ‘Ville Voice]

The University of Louisville has responded to a request by the state attorney general to justify its refusal to turn over documents to the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, in the latest step in an ongoing battle over public records. [WFPL]

Forty-eight food destinations in eastern Kentucky are included in a new mapguide developed by the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) to promote culinary tourism throughout the region. [Press Release]

Vendors at The Forecastle Festival were beyond pleased with their sales this weekend. [Business First]

Indiana produced 10,000 private-sector jobs last month, however the state’s unemployment rate crept up, and the Louisville Metro Statistical Area has seen sluggish labor gains over the year compared to other cities. [News & Tribune]

6 thoughts on “Fischer-LMAS Scandal Still Churning Stomachs

  1. “UofL: Too Hard to Work for Public Trust”

    The above is the upshot about the failure to go underneath an audit report and let the sun shine on more transparent evidence. As the Card lawyer puts it, to do so is “simply over-broad and burdensome.” UofL’s laxity in audit reporting and what goes under that umbrella has yielded a heap of legal problems during JR’s presidency. It is time to show the public that trust and transparency matter–but don’t hold your breath because no one seems to want to hold the honchos accountable.

  2. Comb-Over’s unwillingness to comply with the AG’s open records request is nothing more than ANOTHER nail in his AND THE ENTIRE BOARD OF TRUSTEES’ coffin. The time is quickly coming that the legislature and the public are going to MANDATE that the Sports-versity “CAN” be opened. When THAT occurs, which is JUST AROUND THE CORNER, the Sports-versity will crumble from the ‘TOP DOWN.’

  3. “Optimism from Ole Highlander?”

    Highlander, I surely hope you’re right. As we and many others have been blogging about UofL and JR in seemingly endless fashion, it would be so nice and sweet to see his hideous, scandalous regime finally crumble (along with the Board of Cadavers as well). It would be like a miracle come true.

  4. Seems all the convicted felons who fed off UofL will have served their entire prison sentences BEFORE the audit in its entirety is made public.

  5. Remember in 2008 when I uncovered the financial misdeeds of Felner and said repeatedly that Jimbo & Shirley knew 100% what was going on… and was later backed up by the rest of the media after I hounded them to report on it… and then things went silent?

    Well, it was silent for a reason. I had my own scheme to figure out what was up on the inside.

    Several of my business partners and colleagues have served on the BoT and on the foundation board since then. Each time it was purposeful. Each time they took their position with the intent to leak information to me and they always did.


    Every single one of them left in frustration! All of them — even Ramsey fans — have horribly negative things to say. Republicans and Democrats. None of them wanted to get caught up in financial crimes.

    Seems like every other month there’s a new embezzlement scheme unveiled and I’m reminded of 2008. Don’t wanna say I told you so. But. I told you so.

  6. The Kentucky Coal Association tries to say that Alison’s ad blamed Mitch for the loss of coal jobs. I didn’t hear that at all, and I usually have excellent listening comprehension. The ad said Kentucky lost a lot of coal jobs, and blamed Mitch for not doing anything to bring in new jobs. Plenty of people blame the Republicans for refusing to pass or even vote on “jobs bills”. I didn’t hear any lies in the ad.

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