4 thoughts on “Rep. Yarmuth Stands Against Gun Violence

  1. And he quickly tees the balls up after he leaves the house floor. Nothing the Dems can can do but make a few 60 second free TV pitches.

  2. The number 74 has been debunked.
    And the statement about the business opportunity is BullS**t! I read the article about the company that makes those blanks. They where developed to protect kids or adults in a disaster scenario such as tornados. Protection against active shooters was a last minute add-on to the advertisement and is not the primary objective of these blankets.

    No real ideas
    Just parrots
    Just rhetoric

    Yarmuth is a mouth piece for Harry Raid and a fool, and Louisville could do a lot better then Yarmuth.

  3. Mark: Where’d you get your talking points?

    Pony up your alternatives. Give us your ideas.

    Who is better? The bigot from the easternmost point of the district running against him? He’ll get a handful of votes because most people in Louisville — even Republicans — aren’t braindead homophobes who watch Fox News.

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