Let’s All Act Surprised By UofL’s Big Audit Stunt

Two big traffic changes are about to hit thousands of drivers in Kentuckiana. The 2nd Street Bridge (Clark Memorial Bridge) will shut down on Tuesday, July 8th. That means drivers will be able to use it all day on Monday, but it’ll close at midnight and be off limits for six weeks. [WDRB]

Southern Indiana loves to drive its homeless into Louisville. The head of a Southern Indiana homeless ministry has stepped down from the Jeffersonville Homelessness Task Force after the city council approved a camping ban on public and private properties throughout the city. [C-J/AKN]

A local man helps revamp a closed Boys and Girls club in his friend’s honor. [WHAS11]

Kentucky health officials are awaiting test results that could confirm whether a new mosquito-borne virus from the Caribbean has reached the state. [H-L]

Economists say there are more than 2 million “missing households” in the U.S. — young people who bunk with family or friends rather than buying their own home. New data suggest this trend continues. [NPR]

The Floyd County Sheriff’s Department is asking the public to be on the lookout for a missing man who is believed to be in danger. [WLKY]

Almost seven out of 10 people who bought health insurance on the federal Obamacare exchanges are paying $100 or less a month for coverage, according to a Department of Health and Human Services analysis. [HuffPo]

A lawsuit has been filed against school officials and a student at a Jefferson County Public School. The suit claims the principal and a teacher at Moore Traditional High School did not do enough to stop a student from being bullied. [WAVE3]

Eating crow is never fun but that’s what Jake is doing. Help him get things squared away? If you get something out of this content, consider doing so in order to ensure that it continues. [Click Here For Details]

University of Louisville officials refuse to release a report by an outside auditing firm that examined the school’s internal controls following a series of high profile – and high dollar – thefts. [WFPL]

Research has found that kids who play a variety of sports before settling on one achieve higher levels of success and suffer fewer serious injuries. [ProPublica]

Jeffersonville officials are hopeful that the construction of a proposed new hotel near the corner of 9th and Spring streets will move forward soon. But there are a few technical hurdles to clear first. [Business First]

Clark County Circuit Court No. 2 Judge Jerry Jacobi is asking a federal judge to dismiss the complaint made against him in a civil lawsuit involving claims of misconduct within the Clark County Drug Treatment Court, which he oversaw. [News & Tribune]

5 thoughts on “Let’s All Act Surprised By UofL’s Big Audit Stunt

  1. The local ‘sportsversity’ is a total and complete joke. It’s leadership is tone deaf and simply doesn’t comprehend that it is NOT a private business whose financial ‘goings-on’ are private. It is a public ‘sportsversity’ and cannot HIDE audits that are undertaken EITHER by the ‘sportsversity’ itself or by its foundation (which has also been ruled to be a public entity by none other than the Kentucky Supreme Court.). The ENTIRE TOP TIER of this ‘sportsversity’ needs to be removed, retired WITHOUT a payoff to ‘shut them up.’

  2. “The Big House of Financial Miscues”

    Once again, UofL is proving, through its incompetent honchos, that it cannot properly handle financial management. It is good to see a few members of the Board of Cadavers rise from the dead on this matter, but the whole place really needs to be investigated by Commonwealth authorities. Such an inquiry is long overdue. KY citizens should stand for no less if they are still expected to foot the bill for what is going on there (or not going on in terms of due diligence).

  3. Novena: The lack of principles and the unmitigated ignoring of the academic mission is EVEN displayed by the sports section of the ‘sportsversity.’ A basketball coach embarasses the sportsversity by cavorting after hours in a restaurant (on a table) with a middle-aged woman, they rehire a football coach whose checkered past is a candidate for a Kroger’s newsstand — who proceeds to bring (up to this point) a half dozen or more players from other Universities who have been dismissed for unstated reasons and the punishment for a freshman player for possessing a bunch of ‘merryjuana’ in his room complete with a ‘weighing scale’ is a ‘wink and a nod’ — but nobody is concerned because the place is lost ‘in space.’ Utterly beyond comprehension.

  4. “Misplaced Cultural & Institutional Values”

    Yes, indeed, Highlander, we are on the same page again. The UofL has created a gigantic cesspool by prioritizing athletics to its zenith and allowing academics to go by the wayside. It even treats its coaches like rock stars–even knowing what some have done to soil up the gutter. If the Cards lose to UK, it’s like death. If the honchos there mess up the academics, it’s an afterthought. God help the inhabitants at Belknap who want to teach and learn.

  5. Everytime I drive 65S and pass the billboard of clueless Jimbo Ramsey smiling, thanking people for the fundraising, I have to wonder: how much of that money will be used to pay off people?

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