Fun Metro Council Hype Gets More Hype-y

The new 2 percent “fee” most Metro residents will pay on natural gas. The annual hike in property tax rates for Jefferson County Public Schools. Mayor Greg Fischer’s proposed local-option sales tax. Some Metro Council Republicans worry a series of little tax increases is quietly adding up — and keeping Louisville’s economy from growing. [WDRB]

While Jefferson County Public School students are out of school this summer, dozens of district parents will be in court for allegedly holding their elementary school-aged children out of classes during the school year. [C-J/AKN]

Louisville church groups are working hard to renovate shotgun houses around the city. [WHAS11]

How many years have we been saying all of this? Glad to see it finally hit the mainstream. The struggling Kentucky Retirement Systems last year paid $55 million to outside firms to manage its investments. More than half of those fees — at least $31 million — went to the managers of hedge funds, private equity, real estate and other “alternative investments” that hold just one-fourth of the system’s $15 billion in assets and produced its lowest returns. [John Cheves]

Local leaders and others gathered at the historic City Hall pledging to act aggressively in the community to teach young people that violence is not the answer. [WLKY]

Kentuckians know first-hand that telecom giants talk out of both sides of their mouths when it comes ot providing service to the rural and the poor. [HuffPo]

After 15 years, the University of Louisville signage has come off the old silos along southbound Interstate 65. [WAVE3]

Eating crow is never fun but that’s what Jake is doing. Help him get things squared away? If you get something out of this content, consider doing so in order to ensure that it continues. [Click Here For Details]

Though Dan Johnson’s aid is a full-on idiot on par with the worst of the worst, this seems like a witch hunt because he’s an idiot. Just look who his boss is. Dan’s hardly the sharpest knife in the drawer. And if this isn’t a witch hunt, where’s the coverage of Attica Scott’s disaster of an aide? What about the people Jim King has surrounded himself with for years? Again, idiot, boss is an idiot, but they’re not remotely the worst in the Democratic Caucus. [WFPL]

The slow economic recovery is taking a toll on the nation’s public schools, reversing a multi-decade trend of increased funding and pushing student-teacher ratios to their highest levels since 2000. [FiveThirtyEight]

Louisville is becoming a much more environmentally friendly city, according to an update from Mayor Greg Fischer’s office. [Business First]

A controversial proposal that would see a road built through a park that Floyd County and New Albany Little League hope to develop is set to be heard by a city board Tuesday. [News & Tribune]

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  1. “Why Our Schools Are Not Like Finland’s”

    The article on the “slow economy” holding up school progress leads me to point out several things that have little to do with economics and why Finland is so far ahead of us: (1) the latter nation treats its teachers as professionals; (2) it also personalizes education instead of making it a mass market jumble. Oh, yes, Finland also has a more civilized society that cares about its people and emphasizes compassion rather than manic competition. We should try it sometime.

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