JCPS Just Can’t Catch A Break In The News

A JCPS teacher sues the principal of Moore Traditional High School, alleging years of discrimination based on sexual orientation. [WDRB]

It’s the fall of 1985 and the 17-year-old version of me steps on to the campus of Morehead State University. I really have no clue how I made it this far and, even scarier, I have no clue where I am going. College was just the predetermined next step, and like Steve Martin’s character in The Jerk, I wasn’t sure of my special purpose. [Scott Utterback]

It’s because Cordish got all the money. An area tagged for revitalization has some locals still scratching their heads. [WHAS11]

A University of Kentucky professor’s 40-second demonstration during the World Cup could have a lasting impact. On June 12, a paralyzed spinal cord injury patient will kick the first ball of the World Cup in Sao Paulo using an exoskeleton and brain-computer technology. [H-L]

People in Clifton Heights are freaking out because they’re seeing coyotes. Have they forgotten they live right by the dang river and tons upon tons of wooded areas? [WLKY]

Nicholasville, the county seat of Jessamine, sits just a half hour away from the heart of Lexington. The quaint Central Kentucky town is one many move to in hopes of escaping the hustle of the city. It’s a town you’d think upon first glance to be the perfect bedroom community of a small American city. Just remember that appearances can be deceiving. [Page One]

A judge struck down tenure and other job protections for California’s public school teachers as unconstitutional Tuesday, saying such laws harm students — especially poor and minority ones — by saddling them with bad teachers who are almost impossible to fire. [HuffPo]

With gas prices hovering around $4 a gallon many residents have been wondering why prices are as high as they are in our area. University of Louisville Associate professor of Economics Jose Fernandez said we are experiencing an increase over last year at the pump. [WAVE3]

Eating crow is never fun but that’s what Jake is doing. Help him get things squared away? If you get something out of this content, consider doing so in order to ensure that it continues. [Click Here For Details]

An ordinance raising the minimum wage for city employees sailed through the Louisville Metro Council last week without much fanfare or opposition. Though the ordinance affects only five city workers, some see it as significant in a larger citywide minimum-wage push. [WFPL]

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell became nearly $3 million richer in 2013, according to new financial disclosure records. [The Hill]

The Courier-Journal has eliminated seven editor positions in a realignment of newsroom resources. No one is surprised. [Business First]

Although raises are scarce in the Clark County government, nine Clark County employees are getting a raise at one time — and the increases will benefit both the county and the employees. [News & Tribune]

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  1. SoFo, NuLu…..whatever area, until the city starts treating start ups with some cooperation helping them figure out How to accomplish something by not interfering with ridiculous over restrictive, and cost prohibitive zoning codes, building restrictions,signage hurdles and stupid objections…Nobody wants to go be pioneers just to take the arrows!….Untill the City wises up and can get about 15,000 residents that have jobs downtown and can afford to live downtown that will attract the 20 to 35 mainly single person that will embellish the activity living downtown!

  2. The Tim: Boy did you hit the ‘nail on its head’ with that observation!!! WoW! When it happens, I’ll miss using the plastic wrapper in which the fish wrapper is encased to pick up my dog’s turds as I walk him around the neighborhood. As a matter of fact — don’t rightly know how we’re goin’ to ‘pick up the poop. Anybody got any ideas?

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