What Will Happen With Today’s Election?

And what will it mean for Louisville?

We’re paying close attention to just a couple races locally.


9th District Metro Council. Will out-of-state lobbyists and University of Louisville-aligned special interests buy the seat via J.P. Davis? Or will someone who isn’t vapid and devoid of common sense like Mike Brooks win? This is Louisville, so our money’s on someone like Davis. Primarily because he’s easily controlled and has no idea he’s being directly influenced.

Will Jessica Green beat Attica Scott? Most we’ve spoken with don’t think so. But Scott’s refusal to work with people like Kevin Cosby (really? giving the man just 30 minutes of your time when tens of thousands of scholarship dollars are at stake? please.) and her legislative aide’s general aloofness have that Metro Council district fired up. If Green wins, it’s a sign that the sins of the mother can be forgiven. If Scott wins, it’s a wake-up call for her to stop excluding people just because they aren’t hyper-progressive. Doesn’t help that Scott fought tooth and nail against building a Walmart at 18th Street, even though there are next to no businesses in the district and likely won’t be for years to come. Another not great thing for Scott: Her absenteeism when it came to dealing with Barbara Shanklin and her refusal to make a decision.

County Attorney. O’Connell’s gonna win but it’s going to be beyond interesting to see how many protest votes there are against him. This race, prior to O’Connell suspending operations after the death of his son, really forced him to soften his political approach and will likely cause him to be a bit more calm in his next term. But Faulkner, his opponent, has proved her strength as a candidate and we will surely see her running for something again quite soon. Most attorneys think she has a bright future.

Everything else is a bit of a sleeper. Not much political excitement going on in May 2014.

November, though, will be crazy.

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  1. Don’t forget about Yosemite Sam’s race. If Keith Hall loses the R’s will think they have a shot. If Hall wins then well…there goes the House. Which is fine with me. Maybe the D’s will learn a lesson. Oh wait…this is Kentucky. No one learns a lesson.

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