UofL Is Great At Covering Up Negative Stories

Local 911 centers across Indiana are now providing the public a new option of texting for help, and officials in Kentucky are taking notice. [WDRB]

The long-standing dispute over who pays for the Clark County J.B. Ogle Animal Shelter may be resolved if a new inter-local agreement is approved. [C-J/AKN]

Sadly, this story has become hyped up in the wrong way, thanks to at least one simple-minded reporter. A Louisville high school is discussing whether to add gender identity to its non-discrimination policy after fielding complaints about a transgender student being allowed to use the girls’ restroom and locker room. [WHAS11s]

A major ratings agency named Kentucky the WORST state pension plan at 23% funding. [Ouch]

It’s being called the largest methamphetamine busts in the history of the New Albany Police Department and it’s brought federal charges against an accused local drug dealer. [WLKY]

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell said Wednesday that northern Kentucky is the epicenter for the nation’s heroin addiction problem. [H-L]

Changes are coming to the heart of University of Louisville’s campus. A new deal will allow for upgrades to student housing and renovations for a popular Olmsted-designed park. [WAVE3]

Scientists believe a beetle that has only be found in two caves near the south fork of Beargrass Creek may soon be protected under the Endangered Species Act. [WFPL]

Five of the 10 3-year-olds entered in Saturday’s 139th running of the $1 million Preakness are graduates of Keeneland’s 2012 September Yearling Sale. [WLEX18]

University of Louisville Physicians Inc. has been without a full-time CEO since the departure of Michael W. Bukosky late last year. [Business First]

Several Clark County and state employees listed as plaintiffs in the class action suit claiming misconduct within the Clark County Drug Treatment Program have recently entered new filings in the New Albany federal court case, which is still in its early phases. [News & Tribune]

6 thoughts on “UofL Is Great At Covering Up Negative Stories

  1. So NOW we find yet another ‘national search’ by the “sports-versity” for a position that has remain unfilled for more than a year!!!! Wonder what would happen if the basketball coaching position remained unfilled for more than a year. I doubt the Board of Cadavers (as Novena calls it) would allow THAT to happen, because they wouldn’t have a game to see from their chair on the floor.

  2. “An Academic Fantasy at UofL”

    Since the Med School “leadership” position has remained vacant, this might be the time to perform a supreme academic fantasy: Don’t hire. Just prop up a manikin in front of a computer. Since a year has gone by already without missing a “leader,” why not?

  3. “Waterfalls at Belknap”

    Good planning, guys. Go ahead and build it without any cost plan. The campus drains money like water anyway, so why not a waterfalls? And this while raising tuition yet again? Give students a damn break.

  4. So, Kentucky has the worst state funded pension plan in America at 23% of required funding. Seems like I remember someone reporting that this debilitating ‘event’ of underfunding got its big ‘push’ when a guy (who was the state finance guru) suggested it to Governor Patton as a short-term cure to balance the budget. Seems like I remember that was none other than Ole Comb-over Jim.

    Man has he effed up virtually everything he’s touched in the last 14 years.

  5. “Jimbo’s Fatal Legacies”

    Yes, Highlander, he has effed up two huge institutions: the KY retirement system and UofL. Yet the Board of Cadavers continues to give him big bucks and lucrative contracts that go on and on. One thing he has not effed up: the $ sign on his own forehead–it sticks to him like glue.

  6. Novena: What the ‘sports-versity’ needs is a scholar-administrator and not a neveau-rich guy with a temper, a bad hair-do with a $ sign tatooed on his forehead.

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