The State Transportation Plan Is Up For Review

City officials have a plan to plant 5,000 trees by the end of the year. [WDRB]

Louisville’s solid waste board Tuesday voted to ban the use of most plastic bags for yard waste, hoping the move will help make sure that leaves and other garden debris is composted — and doesn’t end up in local landfills. This is not new news but is a major step in the right direction for Louisville. [C-J/AKN]

The FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office have gotten involved in the Kentucky Derby ticket scam case. [WHAS11]

The Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission found former state Rep. John Arnold guilty Wednesday of three charges in a sexual harassment case brought by employees of legislative aides. [H-L]

It’s been two years since a man was killed at Churchill Downs just hours after a record-setting Kentucky Derby. Investigators are now revealing new details in the case and said it’s just a matter of time until an arrest is made. [WLKY]

Kentucky’s 20 year transportation plan — also known as the campaign cash patronage system — is up for review. [Click the Clicky]

John Boel’s hype aside, this is kind of infuriating. The WAVE 3 News investigation showing Louisville Metro public works and corrections vehicles lining up daily outside the Franciscan Kitchen and workers going in to eat food meant for the homeless wasn’t really news to John Rowan. [WAVE3]

The latest National Climate Assessment provides clear evidence of what many Americans are already experiencing in their daily lives: the growing impact of extreme weather events linked to global warming. [HuffPo]

The way Jefferson County Public Schools discipline students has recently led to heated debate among Louisville activists and education leaders. [WFPL]

Several of the parties in a lawsuit aimed at stopping the development of two warehouse and distribution facilities in the Blankenbaker Station Business Park have filed motions to dismiss the case. [Business First]

Two incumbent Clark County judges were unseated during the Democratic Party primary race Tuesday. [News & Tribune]

3 thoughts on “The State Transportation Plan Is Up For Review

  1. The soup kitchen story is infuriating because it put the public works employees in a terrible situation – expected to supervise Dismas House workers (who have no money) for 10 hours a day – with no way to feed them. If you use workers for that long, you are expected to feed them – but apparently Metro preferred to put it on the backs of their own employees rather than making arrangements for them to have a decent lunch. I don’t know how many PW employees actually ate meals – but … they have to eat as well and are just as entitled by Kentucky law to have an opportunity to have a lunch period. The flip side would be that the public works folks would be required to pack a sack lunch while the workers have a hot meal? Just poor planning on the part of Metro … as usual.

  2. The FBI and the US ATTY need to get involved on the the story about the guy who ripped off the 100 million and burned down his house. Front page story Monday in that other news paper! Surprised the Ville Voice missed out on that story. I bet that story ends up on the show American Greed!

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