Some Life Or Death Egg On Local Faces

We’re big fans of teachers. Just not so much the overpaid nitwits who run their unions.

This is what we mean:

EpiPen Saves Madison County Student’s Life

A Madison County student was in the right place at the right time when she started to have a severe allergic reaction.

Luckily for the student, she was able to get a shot from an EpiPen from the nurse; a shot that saved her life.


But thanks to a new state law that encourages schools to have their own EpiPens, Madison County is one of the few systems ready for these kind of emergencies.

“The ambulance driver said how fortunate we were that she was given an EpiPen shot without a prescription,” McDaniel said.

McDaniel said her daughter was tested for allergies when she was young but had no idea she had devolved any over the years.

She was told had her daughter not had the shot, the outcome could’ve been drastically different.


The Madison school district started carrying a stockpile of EpiPens in June 2013 and since then, they’ve had to use them twice.

This is an issue covered heavily on Page One the past couple years:

That’s right. JCPS/JCTA decided to remain “neutral” on the issue. While secretly fighting against it.

And now we’re seeing just what a costly mistake that could be.

2 thoughts on “Some Life Or Death Egg On Local Faces

  1. JCPS also does not like Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs). Schools have had to raise money to pay for their own. They would not do CPR and First Aid training if the law or insurance carrier did not require certain employees to have it. Indiana requires teachers to have CPR training, Kentucky does not.

  2. So many schools don’t even have a nurse anymore. I remember a girl DIED for lack of an EpiPen when my son was in middle school in Oldham County. But the school will make damn sure your kid takes ADHD meds!

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