Social Butterfly Masquerading As Serious Candidate

Really, you can’t get much more low than this mess:



When three-term Metro councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh announced her retirement last December, it set off a civic response the likes of which is rarely seen. Come the May 20 primary, voters in the ninth district will have 13 Democratic Party candidates from which to choose.


Davis combines an everyman perspective with distinct experience and a body of professional and personal accomplishment that belie his 31 years.


I sort of reached the point, like in making this decision to run. If it is that environment where we’re going to accept and embrace the younger professional members and the creative class, then I need to be here and actually walk the walk.”


Davis stayed in Louisville, going to work for the president’s office at UofL before taking his current position as Director of Major Gifts for the Brandeis School of Law. His professional talents have served him well in the primary race so far; he leads all candidates in fundraising, with over $50,000 on hand. Davis believes his skills for attracting much-needed funding will prove crucial to the council’s operations while making the most effective, practical use of public funds available to the district, focusing on essential constituent services and redevelopment.


Davis says he would use the funds metro council members receive for community redevelopment, supporting neighborhood councils and to attempt to leverage public dollars to attract private investment.

“My agenda is (the neighborhoods’) agenda,” he said. “My agenda is to take what they are trying to accomplish, use our resources and be the best advocate that I can, the best external face in our district and get as much private investment in our district as possible. I’d love to leverage public dollars to get private investment. There are people out there willing to give money, but it’s all about relationships; knowing how to find it, knowing how to align interests and then steward the money. And that’s what I have a solid track record of doing in Louisville.”

PAYING to have a puff piece published in the local social paper?

Confirms everything we’ve said.

You couldn’t get much more smarmy, insulting and simple-minded at the same time if you tried. Not even Stephanie Horne is this vacant of substance.

Update: As many have noted, the publication is owned by Blue’s wife. He’s a guy with significant resources, a guy with plenty of business before Metro Council. Creates quite an appearance, to say the least.

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  1. As I have said, previously, working in Comb=over Jim’s “sports-versity” is a sufficient reason to pass over this dude. I’m also doubly suspicious about a person who doesn’t seem to know where to put their hands — this guy is making a donut out of them (which is a subliminal way of saying — I’m a “zero.”

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