Metro Folks Chowing Down While On The Clock?

Flash back to May 8 for a moment:

John Boel’s hype aside, this is kind of infuriating. The WAVE 3 News investigation showing Louisville Metro public works and corrections vehicles lining up daily outside the Franciscan Kitchen and workers going in to eat food meant for the homeless wasn’t really news to John Rowan. [WAVE3]

That was part of our round-up highlighting a story from John Boel that had many in Louisville seething with rage.

But forget that!

Here’s what an in-the-loop Metro Government insider shared with us:

Forget the soup kitchen. Try Webbs over in Butchertown or the McDonalds across from Valu Market in the Highlands. On any given morning, you will find four or five truckloads of Facilities Management employees having breakfast at those places while on the clock. It isn’t enough that they get a free lunch, they also feel they should eat breakfast on our tax dollar time.

Mark Zoeller, the guy who runs Facilities, has known about this for years and does nothing to stop it.

Guess what we saw this morning.

Go on. Guess.

2 thoughts on “Metro Folks Chowing Down While On The Clock?

  1. Looks to me like the JCPS and Metro Gub’mint are in a contest of some sort to prove to the public which entity is a bigger waste of taxpayers’ dollars and makes a bigger fool of itself.

    My guess — “Mumbles” Fischer

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