Jake’s Laptop Is Dead: Lame Begging Begins

Okay. Feed me crow. Officially begging for he first time for something that will directly benefit me on a personal and professional level. This isn’t for an intern, not to pay attorneys for the new project, nothing like that. It’s directly for me and my work.

This couldn’t happen at a worse time. The day before the election!

After six years, my MacBook Pro has bitten the dust. It is no more. There’s no option but to buy a new Mac– thousands in software, hardware & such that only work with Apple, so stuck in this ecosystem. New Mac = cheaper than repairs.

So I’m officially begging readers for help. As you know, we’ve been slowly moving away from an ad-supported model and are in the process of doing so. That means your help is needed.

Like what we do here? Hate it but rely on it? Visit TheVilleVoice.com & PageOneKentuky.com on the regular? Want to see it continue? Then please consider helping me get a new laptop so I can continue doing this work.

Contribute via PayPal here:

If we can raise enough to get a new computer, I’ll give a year of free advertising to the charity (charities?) of readers’ choice.

I’ve got the largest trove of McConnell data in private hands. Conway records that will blow minds (a couple people can back me up on this one). Edelen files. Lundergan documents. And, of course, gigs of information from Montgomery County that I’m slowly reporting. Specifically, I have data that will probably rock Montgomery County’s world and I’m sure there are people who will chime in to back me up on that front. Issues that will shake Terry Holliday, Jack Conway and the entire board of education there.

In Louisville, we’re digging through data that could make life hell for Jim King and a few of his friends.

I’m sure there’ll be quite a few people cheering over this mess, happy to see me out of commission for a while. They’re the very reason I need your help. Everyone who reads this — and you know it’s not a small number of people, specifically in Frankfort and DC — knows my work ethic and what that means.

So. Want to see it continue? Please help me make it happen. Yep, me, begging, time to step up if you can. Embarrassing? Of course. Egotistical? Even worse. But I want to get the information I collect into the hands of people who can use it. You, electeds, press, et al.

Note that things will be slow here until I can figure this out. There are a few stories waiting to be published over the next few days that have already been written. But no complaining after that, folks, because it’s going to take a few weeks at the very least to be back in action.

2 thoughts on “Jake’s Laptop Is Dead: Lame Begging Begins

  1. Please, tell me more about what a joke it is.

    You’re probably one of the people I should write about. Or do write about.

    Thanks for the concern trolling and for proving my point. You folks like Jim King constantly refresh the two sites but complain at every opportunity. Then you read read read read read. You share links. You send in tips. You kiss my ass in person and beg me to back off when the heat is on. Always wanting something for free out of me. Need promotion? I’m the first person you always come to.

    But here’s the deal: like it or not, I’ve rocked a lot of worlds the past eight years and will continue rocking them. Period. And people like you will continue to be impacted by that. People like you continue to read day in and day out.

    Seems to me that your semi-anonymous, cowardly attacks come from butthurt or jealousy.

    With or without a new device, I’m not going away. Deal with it. Trash me. Make new shit up and shop it around to people like the Democrats did in 2011. Not going anywhere.

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