It’s Time For A Major Attica Scott Reality Check

Let’s talk about her for a moment:


Outgoing Metro Councilwoman, District 1, Attica Scott released the following statement after being defeated by Jessica Green:

“I will leave office in December knowing that I helped to bring respectability to our office, that I asked tough questions when no one else was asking those questions, and that I engaged folks whose names you may not know, but who matter, nonetheless. I could have played a political game of stroking the right egos or remaining silent in the face of injustice, but that is not me.”

But… uh… hold up. This woman is not living in the reality-based community.


She blew Kevin Cosby off.

She ignored constituents who didn’t share her worldview.

And Barbara Shanklin? Do you remember her actions during that mess?

Sure, Scott was a welcome face after the Judy Green scandal. We gave her props when she deserved them. Until she started doing stupid things.

But come on.

Not remaining silent in the face of injustice? Not playing political games? Please.

Attica Scott is the reason Barbara Shanklin got away with everything.


2 thoughts on “It’s Time For A Major Attica Scott Reality Check

  1. I’ve always been amazed as to how self-important a local metro council person can become – WHEN they’re only 1/26th of a legislative body that has no subpoena power and serves (largely) at the beck and call of a mayor and his/her executive branch — all in a city that is accomplishing little and losing (right and left) to its competitive cities!!! Amazing

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