Council Republicans Must Love Being Hated

Uh…. One person was injured when JCPS bus #9703 hit the wall of Westport Middle School Thursday morning. [WDRB]

With $13 million bankrolled for improvements in the emerging Nulu neighborhood east of downtown, consultants have recommended redesigning part of East Market Street as a boulevard, with a median divider and an 8-foot-wide bike trail on the south side of the street. [C-J/AKN]

Dozens came together in Louisville on Wednesday to honor fallen Jefferson County Officers. [WHAS11]

The University of Kentucky is awarding an honorary degree to a black student who was denied admission in 1946. [H-L]

Heroin is making headlines as a younger population is discovering the dangerous opiate. Warning: ridiculous auto-play video. [WLKY]

For the moment, plug-in electric cars account for an abysmally small portion of the U.S. car market. But turning that around may not require anything more complicated than a few changes to building codes. [Think Progress]

This is a terrific story ruined by a terrible headline. ‘Mayor plants bush, gives proclamation to institute.’ [WAVE3]

Alison Grimes is only one campaign ad into the U.S. Senate race but state and federal ethical concerns are already being raised. [Page One]

The Nielsen company says it is closing a call center in Radcliff where 237 people are employed. [WLEX18]

The University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering has been named to General Electric Co.’s “executive schools” list. [Business First]

Please, Republicans, keep it up so you can be even less relevant as the Democrats do things that are actually corrupt. This? This isn’t one of those things. The members of the Louisville Metro Council Republican caucus plan to fight back against a proposed ban on using plastic bags to store yard waste. [WFPL]

Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson is scheduled to convene two grand juries later this month, but his office has provided only limited information regarding the matters of either proceeding. [News & Tribune]

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  1. “Harrison Wilson & UK”

    It is nice that UK is giving Mr. Wilson an honorary doctorate after denying him admission because of race in the 1940s. It does seem, however, that he has been very successful without the aid of UK. Instead, KSU merits plaudits for helping him to progress despite a racist society. Around the same time, the U. of Md. Law School denied admission to a honors student who became the first black U S Supreme Court Justice. He asked UM not to name its new Law Library after him. Sometimes chickens come home to roost in the oddest ways.

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