Arena Authority & UofL Legal Problems Coming?

Earlier this week Governor Steve Beshear signed an executive order approving the University of Louisville’s decision to hire a bunch of law firms.


There were eight firms hired:

  • Bingham, Greenebaum and Doll, LLP
  • Dinsmore & Shohl LLP
  • Stoll, Keenon and Ogeden
  • Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs
  • Mr. J. Gregory Clare
  • Strause Law Group PLLC
  • McBrayer< McGinnis, Leslie & Kirkland PLLC
  • Ms. Eileen Minto

They entered a contract worth $600,000 to provide services:

[I]ncluding, but not limited to, matters regarding: employment, contract, gift and estate, real estate, bankruptcy, environmental and other regulator matters, and immigration.

What’s interesting about it all? The contract wasn’t put out for bid, leading many within the legal community and within state government to suggest that there could be semi-emergency status. And it’s for regulations and bankruptcy.

Some believe the reason for the contract is because they believe the IRS and SEC (we can’t confirm this) are in town poking around the Louisville Arena Authority and the University of Louisville Athletic Association. They believe that because neither Frost Brown Todd nor Stites & Harbison were included.

Should the arena or athletics be involved, there’d be potential conflicts of interest for Ed Glasscock and Eric Somer at FBT — Somer designed the arena contract for UofL while he was at Greenebaum but is not a partner at FBT. And Stites & Harbison because of Andy Beshear’s partnership there and his role with the Arena Authority.

This is all speculative but there could be exciting times ahead.

24 thoughts on “Arena Authority & UofL Legal Problems Coming?

  1. “The Heat at UofL”

    Prof. Toldyu: “I hear the Card athletic office is in a potential heap of legal trouble.”

    Prof. Nosuprisa: “It’s about time some gubmit agencies caught up with them. This campus has been like a floatin’ penitentiary for years.”

  2. Perhaps someone who matters has finally realized the corrupt relationship between UofL and the Arena Authority?

  3. I doubt UL will be penalized for getting an unbelievable lease. Its the Arena Authority that looks to be in the cross-hairs. Of course, the Authority is full of UL backers and friends.

  4. No surprise. UL athletics can dominate local media and perception…but can’t run over everyone…the blind arrogance will get them in trouble.

  5. Maybe the corrupt dealings with Pitino and his Table Affair, pay raise, contract extension is now finally going to catch up with people at UL. I sure hope so and get the black mark off the state.

  6. Magnum’s Mustache and all other commenters: Remember the lesson learned in “Watergate”, the cover-up is ALWAYS the far bigger problem than the original problem itself. There’s been an OBVIOUS cover-up at the local sports-versity of no telling how many things. The General Counsel for the sports-versity didn’t resign for any STATED reason – just resigned. She obviously didn’t want to be a part of whatever is going on, any longer.
    Good night- Irene, it’s been good to know ya.

  7. Always love hearing from concern trolls telling people to “MOVE” If they don’t like something or dare share their opinion.

  8. MD 2020: I love it here, I just think the local sports-versity’s academic program is a pile of manure and it is primarily responsible for holding Louisville back from an even greater future. Furthermore, MD 2020, if you’re an MD graduate from the local sports-versity’s medical school, you ought to be as embarrassed as am I.

  9. Especially one that uses the name of a popular “street person” liquor. Maybe drinking too much of it?

  10. Like Louisville. Think UL athletics is a cesspool of their own making. AD at UL makes embarrassing decisions and protects coaches who should be let go. It is not surprising the UL athletic department is involved in unethical schemes.

  11. “The Smell of Fear at Belknap”

    I do hope that this means that public agencies are FINALLY putting the heat on the continual shenanigans of UofL honchos. The U. is a major disgrace to the local and state communities. Louisville and KY certainly deserve far better. Let the heads roll this time–for once!

  12. Since the med. school is on probation in part due to a lack of lecture room space perhaps Jurich will let the school to use the soccer stadium for this purpose.

  13. “A Grim Legal Thought”

    By hiring eight law firms, is the U. trying to put glue on the case, so to speak? That is, is it beclouding the issue for all those who might want to confront the case? It’s Machiavellian, but we are dealing with an institution that would do most anything.

  14. Hebert called me… five days later… to tell me there’s nothing out of the ordinary here, that it couldn’t be related to the arena because UofL is a tenant there.

    HEAD – DESK.

  15. Hebert was just elected to the Journalism Hall of Fame for ole Kaintuckee. That’s a disgrace in and of itself. For sure, while at WHAS-TV he would undertake investigative reporting ‘at the drop of a hat’ — however, when Comb=over hired him — he lost ALL CREDIBILITY by defending this pile of manure. Hebert knows better — but the money and the retirement ‘green’ (on top) is just too big — so Hebert sells out like all the rest of them. How sad.

  16. Jake: No line on the Koch Bros. but seriously doubt you’d do a Hebert on us (and yourself).

  17. “Note to Highlander”

    Hebert is in a place that no longer has any credibility, thus making it suitable environs for him. In general, higher ed. is fast losing any essential integrity it once had. And UofL is very high on the list of “lost integrity.”

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