9th District Candidate Lives In Alternate World

J.P. Davis can pander with the best of them and talk out of both sides of his mouth. He seems deluded into believing that having wealthy friends — along with a lot of regular club kids on Facebook — makes him qualified to represent people on Metro Council.

From Phillip Bailey:

“I think when you’re connected and you know wealthy people in Louisville and they can write thousand dollar checks and they have 10 or 20 friends who can write thousand dollar checks it’s real easy to buy a race.”

“That’s a cheap shot,” says Davis. “Its unfortunate opponents would take that stab because it’s not true and really inappropriate.”


A review of Davis’ contributors is a reflection of that network, showing hefty donations from California lobbyists, the chief financial officer of Brown-Forman, the director of Humana, and developers with 21C Museum Hotel.

He also has donations under $500 from many local business owners, but very rarely below that watermark.

An analysis of Davis’ fundraising shows just 31 percent of his donors list their addresses as coming from the three zip codes in the district.

Just who are those contributors?

  • Cathe Dykstra, Family Scholar House — $500
  • David Morehead, Exxon Mobil — $200
  • Brent Sebohm, UofL Athletics — $500
  • Margaret Wells, Commonwealth Bank & Trust — $500
  • Jacob Brown, Developer — $500
  • Bella Portaro, Bella Vita Media — $1,000
  • David Power, Power Creative (PR) — $1,000
  • Charles Grizzle, D.C. lobbyist — $250
  • Marsha Roth, Mary Byron Project — $1,000
  • David Roth, Blue Equity — $1,000
  • Jennifer Elliott, UofL VP — $1,000
  • Tim Hellige, Bandy Carrol Hellige — $500
  • Steve Trager, Republic Bank — $500
  • Charles Dahlem, Dahlem Realty (opposed sidewalks in Clifton) — $500
  • Dan Jones, 21st Century Parks — $250
  • Sandra Frazier, PR — $1,000
  • Matthew Thornton, Thornton Oil — $250
  • Mac Brown, Brown Forman — $1,000
  • Jim Cauley, yes, him — $500
  • Craig Greenberg, 21c — $250
  • Tim Mulloy, Peritus — $1,000
  • Glenda Roby, Owsley’s estate assistant — $250

Those names just scratch the surface. They no more represent the 9th District than Eric Flack presents real investigations.

The most alarming thing about his candidacy? Not all the monstrous wealth supporting him. Not the fact that he is dismissive of real political knowledge. None of that. It’s that he paid May John Celletti for “policy direction” and thousands upon thousands to Peritus for consulting.

We rarely do this… but…

Why you should vote against J.P.: with him on council, UofL gets everything it wants, no questions asked. Same goes for the wealthy developers who constantly bump up against zoning regulations they dislike. Don’t believe it? Try having a substantive conversation with the guy about any policy issue impacting the district. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding that he’s a social butterfly and nothing more.

Vote for someone else. Even Bill Hollander, another guy trying to buy the seat. Every other candidate is vastly more qualified and dedicated to the district.

P.S. Just a couple years ago, Davis was trying to move out of the district. How I know? His friends tried to get me to rent his condo at the time and I exchanged emails with him about it. Dedication? Hardly.

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  1. Thanks for bringing this travesty into ‘light.’ The absolute last thing we need around here us the ‘sports-versity’ getting a representative on the city council to given them even more public dollars. When is ‘enough enough’ for a ‘sports-versity’ with a billion dollar Foundation and an academic program ranked 164th in the nation, a medical school on probation and a law school that’s 85th and can’t find ANYONE IN AMERICA willing to be its new Dean after a couple year NATIONAL SEARCH. Man — that place is a cesspool.

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