Our Community Cannot Live Successfully In Denial

That denial: pretending that racism isn’t alive and well in Louisville and that this is the most compassionate, amazing place on earth. We all love the city but let’s get real and quit it with the hype. If you love it, you’ve gotta be real with it.

No, folks, allowing comments to remain doesn’t mean they condone anything:




It’s good to allow comments to remain intact to show the community where certain people stand. When stations like WDRB delete racist comments, the truth about a very real undercurrent in our society is whitewashed.

Why sugar-coat reality?

Hate-filled people exist and it’s important to realize you can’t just wish them away.

2 thoughts on “Our Community Cannot Live Successfully In Denial

  1. It was pretty disheartening to read all of those comments on WDRB a few weeks ago. That’s why I usually ignore comments on controversial stories. The worst is brought out on both sides. It’s just ugly.
    And you’re right, cleaning out the comments does no good. Everyone has a right to say something stupid and ridiculous.

  2. Technically, they don’t have a right to say those things on Facebook or on websites like this.

    It’s just important, in my opinion, to allow them to be made. Mostly so everyone else can see the name and face of the bigot making the comment. But also to remind people that hateful, ignorant underworld is real.

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