More Of Same Nonsense From No Kill Louisville

No, nothing has happened with No Kill Louisville. Records have not been released. Nastiness and nonsense continue.

And unfortunately for the current NKL leadership, this is also nonsense:


Because 990s don’t cut it when former board officers, treasurers and attorneys allege wrongdoing and fiscal mismanagement. Particularly when tax dollars and government partnerships are involved.

The organization hasn’t returned emails from countless concerned citizens and refuse to “refute” anything damning.

But that hasn’t stopped the group from pretending to do work in the community:


That fundraiser? It reads like it’s for NKL but it’s actually for Derby City Dog Rescue and Hand-in-Paw.

Because obfuscation is the norm for that once-solid organization.

3 thoughts on “More Of Same Nonsense From No Kill Louisville

  1. What I want to know is, why do people have to meet them personally, providing phone numbers (which they’ve asked for) and Jeremy Ficklin has even offered to provide transportation to individuals willing to review this nonsense they’ve assembled. It’s so amateurish it’s laughable.

  2. Posting a 990 proves nothing. It is what they fill out for the IRS, it is not receipts or a ledger. They are starting to answer on Facebook, showing their irritation-big mistake. I remember an old saying “if you can convince with facts, baffle with bullshit”. Sounds like we need a few shovels.

  3. Mary Aydt comment to that last post by No Kill Louisville, but that post has disappeared…. (surprise!)
    Here are the posts after that:

    “No Kill Louisville: Mary Aydt, the 2012-13 990’s are being filled on 4/22 and will be posted accordingly. The 2013-14 tax year is not due until November.
    April 11 at 9:39pm

    Samantha Turner Lawson: Is evidence is being presented to dispute the allegations during the Ficklin tenure, May 2013 to present? That is the time frame being questioned.
    20 hours ago”
    ———————————————————Their tax filing extension ends TODAY. I guess it’s too difficult to meet filing deadlines for the IRS (or the KY SOS to stay in a “good” status).

    It looks like they have joined the ranks of LMAS as far as accountability is concerned.

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