KHS To Take Over Metro Animal Services?

That’s what we hear will occur at an all-staff meeting that employees of Louisville Metro Animal Services have been advised not to discuss.

The Kentucky Humane Society has tried to take LMAS over since 2011 — with Lori Redmon and Allison Woosley desperately wanting control of the Animal House facility — and it appears it’s finally happening. They think they’ve found a loophole in the union contract to get by with it. That means lots of layoffs and all kinds of legal drama.

To get a taste of what could occur, let’s refer to this 2011 draft we got our hands on:


So, if you’re not paying attention, let’s recap:

  • A non-profit is being given complete control over government facilities and services ($$$) and there has been absolutely no bidding process.
  • Sadiqa’s been attempting to play kingmaker, ignoring any and all help all kinds of people have offered for LMAS. But she can eat it, as we have also obtained recorded telephone calls involving her that she’ll hate to see be made public.
  • Jobs can and will be eliminated.
  • They’re trying every way in the world to eliminate union jobs.
  • Greg Fischer thinks this is a genius plan, as you can imagine.

Who wants to bet this turns into an all-out disaster before the month is over?

D — I — S — A — S — T — E — R.

Note: We actually hinted at this in 2011. If you’re interested in the KHS-LMAS history, use the search function. It’s a hot mess.


A meeting scheduled for this morning was abruptly cancelled. Wonder why???

UPDATE @ 12:50 THURS: Meeting rescheduled for 2:30.

In case you were wondering? KHS didn’t think this through. All KHS records, email accounts and such could potentially be forced open to the public because LMAS has value and a huge government-funded budget.

Get the popcorn…

2 thoughts on “KHS To Take Over Metro Animal Services?

  1. Sadiqa & the union (that’s a big deal) were forced to show up but this time, Sadiqa was panicked, refused to confirm or deny what’s been published here. She told folks there were things going on that she couldn’t talk about.

    Union jobs are all the sudden safe (more to come on that).

    So if someone wants to file open records requests to read all of Sadiqa, Margaret & Donald’s emails, now would be a great time to do so.

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