GE Conquered Local News Outletts Yesterday

GE is launching a new way to do business and has chosen Louisville to be the city that leads it. [WDRB]

The Louisville Metro Government has agreed to pay $450,000 to a former police detective who says he was demoted to patrol officer on the graveyard shift for trying to help an imprisoned woman prove her innocence on a homicide charge. [C-J/AKN]

As deadline negotiations continued on a Kentucky road plan at the state capitol on Tuesday, the nation’s top transportation official visited Louisville touting a $302 billion road plan to be proposed later this month by the Obama administration. [WHAS11]

Wild Turkey, one of the most down-home of Kentucky bourbons, officially debuted a sophisticated new face Tuesday. [H-L]

A pair of senators have introduced legislation that would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from using its authority to preemptively block or to revoke permits for mine waste disposal. [HuffPo]

The teen whose body was found in the Ohio River has been identified. [WLKY]

It’s tough to believe but Kentucky’s state government officials are “celebrating” Earth Week. Yes, one of the most environmentally irresponsible administrations in history is playing pat-a-cake again. [Page One]

The teevee thought this was urgent, breaking news and treated it as such. It’s about a Derby party… just in case you don’t want to click the link. [WAVE3]

Clark County Probation and Supervision wants to buy more ankle bracelets to monitor juveniles sentenced to its home incarceration program, or HIP, but the Clark County Council couldn’t muster enough support to approve the appropriation Monday. [News & Tribune]

She’s against high-stakes testing, big business in schools, and doubts charters are the answer to improving public education. But Diane Ravitch, a New York University research professor who has become an influence voice in U.S. education, didn’t always feel this way. [WFPL]

The Kentucky General Assembly closed its 2014 legislative session late Tuesday after passing a two-year transportation budget and six-year road plan to guide transportation infrastructure improvements over the next few years. [Business First]

By partnering with Local Motors on FirstBuild, GE signals its desire to develop new, innovative large appliances quickly. [CNET]

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  1. wild turkey has a new ‘architectural masterpiece’…but the architects aren’t worth mentioning.

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