The JeffCo Pension War With Frankfort Heats Up

A Jefferson County city says they simply can’t afford to continue paying pensions to retired city workers, and they’re asking that the money already paid out to those individuals be returned. [WDRB]

The Metro Board of Zoning Adjustment has approved a controversial request by the JBS USA pork packing plant in Butchertown to expand its animal bleeding and stunning building and enclose its outdoor unloading area. [C-J/AKN]

14-year-old Me’Quale Offutt died Tuesday afternoon after two days in the hospital. [WHAS11]

Who do you believe? Alison Grimes or Steve Beshear? It’s a question a Karl Rove front group is asking lately. [Page One]

To avoid keeping students and teachers in school until mid-June, the Greater Clark County Schools Board of School Trustees voted Tuesday to extend the school day by 45 minutes from April 7 to May 9. [WLKY]

Why doesn’t the Mayor’s senior staff participate in LouieStat? [The ‘Ville Voice]

To House Speaker Greg Stumbo, Alison Lundergan Grimes’ position in the U.S. Senate race is reminiscent of a scene in “Secretariat,” when Big Red is on his way to a record 31-length victory in the Belmont Stakes and trainer Lucien Laurin yells to jockey Ronnie Turcotte. [Sam Youngman]

A 9-month-old boy was removed from a home in Louisville’s Chickasaw neighborhood where two people were found dead Tuesday afternoon. [WAVE3]

After a string of business closures on Fourth Street Live in downtown Louisville last year, the company that owns the block of restaurant and retail space has some positive news. Any predictions on how long this will last? [Business First]

The Kentucky Foundation for Women announced today that executive director Judi Jennings will retire at the end of this fiscal year. [WFPL]

A makeover of one of the largest continuos public housing sites in Indiana has hit a snag, but officials said they will persist in finding other funding sources to make the project a reality. [News & Tribune]

6 thoughts on “The JeffCo Pension War With Frankfort Heats Up

  1. The pension issue with Audubon Park doesn’t involve Frankfort, they were “private pensions.” It was a special agreement with the affected individuals.

  2. It adds fire to the battle other agencies are in with KRS. Just like fire is added when small groups in rural areas around the state can’t pay and decided to abandon pensions.

    KRS folks claim it’s nonsense, that there are no other agencies abandoning pension promises. This suggests otherwise.

  3. Heard about the Greater Clark extending the school day matter for the first time last night. The person who informed me thought the teachers union would object to it. Let’s see if it happens.

    I know extending the school day has happened in other areas. I think Oldham Co. schools are going a half-hour longer each day. It beats going to the middle of June. And with school resuming July 31, the kids at least have something of a summer vacation.

  4. I grew up in NJ, where we went 185 school days, day after Labor Day to mid-June. Nice long summer, but 10 more days than KY. Christmas break was one week, not two, and no extra breaks except the usual holidays. A few families and teachers may like all those breaks for travel, but more parents find it a hardship to get childcare for all those 4-5day breaks throughout the year. A 2-week break for the holidays after a Fall break (Oldham) sets kids up to fall behind.

  5. Somes years back, APPD was hiring people and telling them they were in the CERS, but of course, they never have been.

  6. The two-week fall and spring break was implemented this year, Laurie. At least on the Sunnyside.

    I’ve heard just one or two comments from teachers about losing one of the spring break weeks for make-up, for the sole reason they were going out of town for the entire two weeks and had reservations somewhere. Don’t know if the reservations are non-refundable. (I haven’t asked, either.)

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