TARC: Still Scaring Meemaws Watching TV

Two teens are in the hospital after a stabbing that happened on a TARC bus early Sunday morning, according to LMPD. [WDRB]

Here’s the latest in Greg Fischer nonsense. The consulting firm that came up with a reorganization plan for the troubled Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District has been working with at least one more Louisville business that’s regulated by the city agency. [C-J/AKN]

It appears the legislation that could change the school calendar in Kentucky due to snow days could take a while before it reaches Governor Steve Beshear’s desk. [WHAS11]

Even as signs of spring emerge around the country, one particular remnant of winter remains: high energy bills. For low-income residents, a hefty heating bill can be an especially big burden, and not just in traditional cold-weather states. [NPR]

Archaeologists digging at the southern Indiana site of a new Ohio River bridges project have unearthed portions of a limestone foundation on a lot where Indiana Territorial Gov. Thomas Posey once lived. [H-L]

Where there’s smoke on the animal advocacy front, there’s fire. And mismanagement. Potential fraud. Scandal after scandal. [The ‘Ville Voice Here, Here, Here, Here, Here & Here]

A new exhibit at the Muhammad Ali center is all about nonviolence and giving peace a chance. [WLKY]

When Louisville, Ky., teen, Zach Belden, created an Instagram account for his great grandma, he had no idea how big of a following it would attract. [HuffPo]

Way to go, Louisville, another shooting death. An early morning shooting leaves one dead and police looking for a suspect. [WAVE3]

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer’s 2010 campaign plan to put a nurse in every Jefferson County Public School isn’t happening anytime soon. [WFPL]

Do you have a young adult reader in your life who needs new content? Check out Sara Benincasa. And if you’re an adult, check out her comedy on YouTube. [Sara Benincasa]

Clark County’s financial woes may affect recycling services in unincorporated areas of the county. [News & Tribune]

1 thought on “TARC: Still Scaring Meemaws Watching TV

  1. Greg,

    1. Stop with the folksy, “Gosh darn, good neighbors,” bit when you editorialize. You’re our Mayor, not our elementary school teacher. Talking to your constituents as though cajoling a small child or a bunch of country duds that wouldn’t understand big words doesn’t work. Trust us.

    “I ordered a top-to-bottom restructuring of the APCD and we asked Mr. Smith to help give us guidance and direction. Let me emphasize this point clearly and concisely: This was my call to make, not a third party.”

    Sherlock Fischer: pulleeeeezzzz stop with the condescending attituding – you think we don’t know it’s your decision…since you’re Mayor and all…..

    We get the bit about the federal regulatory issues and audit. What we don’t get is the “complete restructuring” wherein everyone reapplies for their jobs. Sounds like a way of trying to get rid of employees without any push back. If you want to “take out the trash” then follow your own policy of progressive discipline.

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