Still Unnecessarily Panicked About Downtown?

Even the youth in Louisville know Greg Fischer’s nonsense is just nonsense. You can’t take private school kids to talk to people who live in the real world. [WDRB]

Facing mounting criticism over its “zero-tolerance” approach to discipline, Jefferson County Public Schools is considering loosening its student-conduct policies to reduce punishments that remove thousands of students from class each year. [Toni Konz]

For the first time we are hearing from the man who coordinated the gathering of teens on the Waterfront this past weekend. [WHAS11]

Grimes can’t even hit McConnell on his wealth. Mitch McConnell hasn’t always been wealthy. He got his wealth once he joined the U.S. Senate. That’s no secret. [Page One]

Want to help support the next phase of our project? These document dumps barely scratch the surface. We’ve got gigs upon gigs upon gigs of research files to sort through and digitize. Literally months of work for a team of people. Wouldn’t it be useful to have everything we possess pertaining to U.S. Senate candidates prior to November? One person working eight hours per day for six months would barely get it done. [Click Here If You’re So Inclined]

Two cousins appeared in court Saturday morning in connection with a March 22 assault. [WLKY]

Will Louisville embrace these ideas or will the city remain the dark? It’s not too late to change — even though it was just a decade ago when people like Anne Northup were fighting against efforts to make the city more pedestrian-friendly. [HuffPo]

There has been a complete failure of the sewage treatment plant that serves the city of Hunters Hollow in Northern Bullitt County. [WAVE3]

Police say officers fatally shot a man after he fired at them in southwestern Jefferson County. [H-L]

Young residents who attended a pair of discussions Thursday in West Louisville to address a recent string of violence downtown expressed concerns about safety in their neighborhoods, but also questioned the usefulness of the city-sponsored talks. [WFPL]

Clifford “Rip” Rippetoe will serve at least two more years as CEO of the Kentucky State Fair Board at $250,000 a year. [Business First]

The revocation of Clark County Drug Treatment Court’s certification last month has led to the special court being directed under a new administration acting under a temporary status. [News & Tribune]

The new US Ambassador to Britain has revealed a surprising connection to the North – and pledged to look beyond London as he builds his links with the UK. Matthew Barzun became one of the youngest ever to take the post last year after raising $700m for the President’s re-election campaign. [Chronicle Live]