Still Teasing Louisville With High-Speed Internets

Drugs, alcohol and tobacco products can be a dangerous combination in the hands of young people — and one west Louisville neighborhood is doing something about it. [WDRB]

The city of New Albany has enlisted nationally known city planner and walkability advocate Jeff Speck to conduct a traffic study of its downtown streets. [C-J/AKN]

March has arrived and everyone in the area hoped the snowy conditions and missed school days were going to be left behind. [WHAS11]

Steve Beshear said Wednesday his son, Andrew Beshear, a candidate for attorney general in 2015, played no role in his decision to appeal a federal judge’s ruling that Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states and countries. Riiiiiiiight. [H-L]

The Jefferson County attorney said drunken drivers are getting their cases dismissed too easily. Now he’s fighting to change what he calls unfair tactics. [WLKY]

If you missed Jack Conway tell his story on Terry Meiners’ show, here’s your chance to listen to the archive. [84WHAS]

Personnel records provided insight into the pasts of two Louisville Metro Police Department officers who were reassigned from the department’s prestigious VIPER unit. [WAVE3]

The Los Angeles City Council voted on Tuesday to ban the use of electronic cigarettes, also known as “vaping,” from restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other public spaces in the nation’s second-largest city. [Reuters]

The sun has broken through the clouds and weather forecasts are calling for warmer temperatures. But if another winter storm hits Kentucky soon, commuters might have to drive on messier roads. [Business First]

Frustrated cities are taking high-speed internet into their own hands. [NPR]

These kayakers came across an abandoned 110-year-old ghost ship in a tributary just off the Ohio River. [Viral Forest]

Alison Lundergan Grimes is applauding the University of Louisville for raising the salaries of hundreds of employees, which will go up to $11 per hour over the next three years. [WFPL]

Southern Indiana is an extension of Louisville Metro, and the communities depend on each other for commerce and economic development. [News & Tribune]

4 thoughts on “Still Teasing Louisville With High-Speed Internets

  1. Pony Express is the answer. Think of the added jobs. Remember the campaign speel: “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs”. Just think of the number of jobs created in order to go around town and clean up the Pony “poo.” Advantage Louisville – you don’t even need a public school system who teaches people to read and write — just need to be able to smell.

  2. The VIPER unit is a place for “aggressive” officers to get away with their crap. There is even a hand gesture used by other LMPD members when they are mentioned. The statistics generated by COMStat are such a joke it is called LiarStat and the Liars Club internally. Many reports are changed before submission by commanding officers to juice their stats.

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