No Kill Louisville: Victim Of Terrible Leadership

To get caught up, here’s a refresher:

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  • The No Kill Louisville Scandal(s) Begin To Unravel [March 11]
  • Patterns Of Recklessness Begin To Emerge At NKL [March 12]
  • NKL Hides IRS Docs, Makes False Claims [March 13]


On a scale of 1 to 10, how surprised is anyone that No Kill Louisville was forced to start refunding money people have contributed for a non-existent license plate?

Here’s a screenshot from a closed/secret Facebook group Ficklin has attempted to hide:


Interesting how things changed so quickly.

NKL refused to do this until we uncovered the scandal.

And get a load of this:


Text of the image, if you need it:

Here’s Part 5: What happened to the artificial Christmas trees? In 2012, NKL brought a pet Angel tree my office and set it up. By the end of the year, I had bags of donated pet food and boxes of pet toys and supplies stacked around my secretary’s desk. In early November of 2013, I called to see if I could get an Angel tree again. Rebecca Ficklin returned my call on November 19 and said they were short on volunteers to deliver trees. I offered to come pick it up rather than have it delivered but she assured me that one would be delivered the first week of December. No one showed up. She called a few days before Christmas and wanted to know if I still wanted a tree and I said not to bother.

Here’s the Angel tree that they set up in 2012:

And here’s a link for more information.


Lest anyone think the guy is making things up, here you go:


No one is the least bit surprised that there’s yet another disaster at the hands of NKL’s current president.

Take a look at this dog No Kill Louisville’s Rebecca Ficklin was patting herself on the back for:


Then read this from a former NKL board member who resigned in protest:

Yes, Ginger, a No Kill Louisville foster dog, was adopted by her foster Lynn. But there is a little more to the story than No Kill Louisville was willing to tell.

Her foster mom asked the president of No Kill Louisville, Rebecca Ficklin, if she could be Ginger’s “forever foster Mom.” After all, Ginger had been with her for the past two years, fit in great her family and hers was the only home Ginger knew. She loved Ginger but wasn’t able to handle future medical bills. When she saw that NKL was actively seeking an adoptive home for Ginger, she asked why, if NKL was collecting donations for foster dogs, couldn’t Ginger (an elderly dog) be left with her and those donations go towards future medical expenses? Lynn was told “forever fostering” wasn’t an option and that Ginger would go to another home.

When I saw that Ginger was being promoted for adoption, I approached Lynn with an idea that would keep Ginger with her. I contacted friends that I thought would also want Ginger left with Lynn, and together we have formed a group that has committed to paying for Ginger’s medical care until the end of her life. With assurances that medical bills were taken care of, Lynn adopted Ginger.

There are currently 6 people in our group. If you would like to be one of Ginger’s “angels” and join our group, please contact me at Ginger is a healthy dog, just getting up there in age. If you contact me I can explain the plan in detail with you. Many thanks!

Doing the right thing for the handful of fosters the organization has? This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of shenanigans like this.

We previously shared the story of Athena, a dog that went missing due to Ficklin’s negligence.

Here’s more on the story:


Here’s the text from that:

In August 2013 Athena was brought to No kill Louisville. She was very underweight and in very bad shape. Rebecca Flicklin the president of No kill Louisville (who hadn’t been with them very long, may I add) agreed to foster her while she was being treated by a vet. Just a few days after she went to stay with Rebecca, Karen Dickson got a call saying that Rebeccas husband Jeremy had just seen her jump the fence. Karen automatically rushed to search for her. During that time calls were coming in about a dog running on the Gene Snyder freeway (which was not very close to Rebeccas house) Rebecca claimed there was no way that was Athena… (cause again they had just seen her jump the fence) so the search was drawn elsewhere. Well come to find out, nobody actually saw Athena jump the fence and she had been gone for hours before anyone was even notified and any search began. (What a great animal lover) Rebecca said they drove around the area a while and looked. Wow! Turned out that was Athena running along the Gene Snyder and she had been hit by a car. She was not killed at that time but took off running. A few of us immediately started searching that area…in 100 degree weather and we continued to do so for weeks…Where was Rebecca at this time? Asking for donations?! Donations for what? We never saw her out there searching even though she played a big part in this. The only time we even heard from her was when she called to tell us to take down the missing dog signs. Smh! I personally got wave 3 to do a story involving Athena to get her face out and Rebecca even denied being on camera to speak about her! Athena was never found, to those of you defending No Kill louisville and ignoring all of the “accusations” of fraud. Atleast come to realize how this women does not even care about the well being of the animals that she is supposibly helping. Thats not the type of person who should be running a non profit organization.

We didn’t share those details initially in an attempt to save space. People got upset. So, there you go. The rest of that story.

Quite a few spinsters are attempting to malign the character of the former food bank volunteer, Susan Saunders. Despite there being proof that she was in discussion with the Kentucky Humane Society to take things over, Ficklin and crew are still attempting to deny that, still spreading misinformation, claiming she was never given permission to find someone to continue running the food bank.

But there’s proof in meeting minutes from May 2013 that back up the claim that it was the board’s decision to give Saunders permission to do so:


That’s when everyone started jumping ship. A few months later, Crystal Meredith left. Now, nearly everyone is gone.

Additionally, Ficklin has accused Saunders of theft and threatened to sue her. Apparently out of anger or bitterness. Because she documented every ounce of food that made its way through the food bank. We’ve seen the records to back it up.

So let’s quit with the spin that all is well. It’s clearly not.

In the vein of earlier stories about No Kill Louisville’s president personally profiting from the organization from day one, well, there’s some more poo.

When Rebecca Ficklin first joined NKL’s board of directors in a fundraising capacity, other board members noticed that the organization was all the sudden promoting services of a company called The Poop Squad. When confronted, Ficklin explained that her brother had gotten job there and they were removing dog waste from her property multiple times per week in exchange for the promotion.

The board, sensing the impropriety, immediately forced the removal of the promotion.

We emailed the company to ask if they’ve ever provided services for the Ficklins in exchange for promotion and if they’ve ever received payment from No Kill Louisville. We couldn’t get an answer via email but a man we spoke with via phone got anxious and wouldn’t deny that services are still provided.

If No Kill Louisville’s leadership could have provided government-required documentation, they would have already done so. Period. If there were answers to the dozens of questions we’ve asked of NKL’s leadership, they would have been shared here. Period.

When you can’t give basic answers and don’t share what the government requires you to share, something’s going on. When former organizational officers come forward to detail mess after mess and allege fraud and mismanagement but those in charge refuse to clear anything up? There’s something to hide.

Funds aren’t properly accounted for.

Taxes apparently aren’t properly filed.

Financial statements on the organization’s website are bogus.

Money has gone missing on several occasions that multiple former board members — some treasurers and attorneys — verify.

License plate funds in escrow were used improperly.

Grant funds were obtained fraudulently by gaming the system.

Food obtained for free was sold to the highest bidder instead of being given to those in need, leading to massive shortages and even losses for taxpayers because Louisville Metro Animal Services had to step in.

There are very few fosters.

Even snip clinic funding from Metro Council has been denied/put on hold because NKL is a disaster. The program was one of the most successful in the city when run by previous leadership. (The official excuse is that they’re “restructuring”)

It’s been ages since at-risk animals were pulled from euthanasia death row.

But the money sure keeps rolling in.

These people wouldn’t understand the appearance of impropriety if it bit them on the rear. The more we pull the rug back, the worse it gets.

In other news, Louisville Metro Animal Services is running an adoption special. Margaret Brosko, of LMAS, still barely promotes these events and refuses to give us information to share. We had to go out of our way to get it. Because it totally makes sense to keep information like this away from our readers – the entire animal advocacy community, political junkies and news nerds with the means and resources to adopt. Tons of sense.

Here you go:


Go adopt an animal if you can.

UPDATE: HAHAHA! God. Ficklin just sent this email at 9:30 P.M. on a Friday evening:

We will be at the Pet Food Bank at 630 Bruce Ave, Louisville, KY 40208, tomorrow from 12pm to 3pm distributing food to recipients and should be done by 3pm. If you would like to visit us tomorrow around 3pm we will be available to let you inspect our tax documents without interruption. We have gone ahead and prepared your copy as we expect you will want to take a copy with you.

If 3pm is inconvenient for you, you are welcome to come earlier, as we will be here at noon, we may just be busy.

Really professional and really convenient. Since she blew us off for a week and blew off the people who showed up for inspection previously. 9:30 the night before? Really?

She apparently believes this is something that will blow over by having an accountant review some 990s:


Spoiler alert: it won’t blow over by releasing 990s.

It won’t even blow over with a statement from an accountant that’s either volunteering or being paid. Here’s why: Rebecca hasn’t documented in any way most of what’s occurred. There aren’t receipts. There is no supporting documentation for every purchase. The various Paypal accounts aren’t tracked. She didn’t keep records. For many months, she wouldn’t even allow the individual serving as treasurer to access bank records. We could go on for days.

There are tons of former board members, treasurers, lawyers and such who have mountains of information to refute nearly everything she’s currently attempting.

About the only way this will blow over will be for someone else to take over, to review every single transaction since May 2013 and for Ficklin to pay back every dime she’s spent of the organization’s money.

Another spoiler alert: several former No Kill Louisville members have advised us that they’re planning to file suit.

P.S. Wondering how we know the entire organization is up a creek?

Take a look at this document – one of hundreds – leaked to us:


At that stage, there were more than 100 applicants. Nearly all paid $35 (and some just $25) but — this is according to two former treasurers, an attorney and three other former board members — there should have been at least $3,500 in the account at that time.

We’re going to start publishing about 90% of what’s been leaked. Because it has become abundantly clear that Ficklin is attempting to stall, mislead and obfuscate.


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