NKL Still Obfuscating, Spreading Misinformation

We read with interest this WAVE3 story about No Kill Louisville’s 5K — an event, mind you, centered around chocolate. Something that’s deadly for dogs and can cause damage even in small quantities.

Here’s the interesting part:

The money raised will go towards fostering, adopting, a pet food bank, low cost spay and neuter vouchers.

Unfortunately for the story? That’s not based in reality.

NKL no longer has a foster/adoption program.

There is no spay/neuter program. In fact, Metro Councilman Kelly Downard’s office confirmed with us a few weeks ago that the organization was denied a grant because it was, paraphrased, no longer equipped to handle a program like that.

Possibility City! Where the local television station can’t be bothered to fact check the tripe it releases to the ill-informed public, potentially lending its hand to questionable financial activity.

In other news, the organization is still withholding records, refusing to comply with requests and giving what few dogs they’ve actually helped to a dog hoarder.

3 thoughts on “NKL Still Obfuscating, Spreading Misinformation

  1. I’m still “waiting” for the answer to my email that NKL asked inquiring minds for. Any reputable organization should be able to answer any financial questions quickly. I want to see May 2013 – present books, receipts, minutes, elections of officers and adherence to bylaws. The longer it takes the worse it is for them. So sad that a bad apple can do this much damage and continue to do so in the name of “helping animals”. What have they done lately?

  2. Their supporters on FaceBook are claiming the records are available at their office now, but no one has said what was available. Every animal they are claiming to find placements for are with other groups. Time for an audit by the IRS and Kentucky Revenue, not by a friendly CPA.

  3. I just looked at WAVE’s and their own pictures of the run. The number of 500 attendees had to include every dog, cat and gerbil brought there that day. That is a low number for any running event here and why did they move it from Tom Sawyer Park? They said damage, but other events were held there recently. Wonder if the deposit check bounced…

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