NKL Hides IRS Docs, Makes False Claims

Not sure that it’s necessary but here’s a refresher on the latest involving No Kill Louisville:

  • No-Kill Louisville Now A Meaningless Money Pit [March 10]
  • The No Kill Louisville Scandal(s) Begin To Unravel [March 11]
  • Patterns Of Recklessness Begin To Emerge At NKL [March 12]

We still haven’t received responses, explanations, documents or anything of the sort. Only threats, nasty remarks and behavior rivaling that of Judy Green as reporters chased her down.

NKL’s remaining leadership have walled themselves off. Rather than share documents the IRS requires be made public, they’re stalling.

When our team of folks from The ‘Ville Voice, Page One and a couple other outlets showed up at the addresses on file with the IRS to see their documents this morning, there was no response, nothing but barking dogs. Oh, and sounds of people running around to turn off lights and close doors.

But we have more and more and more to share. Enough for nearly every day for the next several weeks.

NKL president Rebecca Ficklin, according to former board members, routinely got businesses to donate items for silent auctions. In instance after instance, those items never showed up to be raffled and never appeared in auctions.

Like the time she got Bissell to donate a vacuum cleaner:


Disappeared into the ether.

Bissell still promotes NKL on its website:


Much of the other stuff is meaningless but this one took the cake.

At No Kill Louisville’s pet food bank, there’s a sign on the front door indicating that there’s no cat food.

But wouldn’t you know the group claims on its website that they’re feeding hundreds of cats per week:




No one we spoke with formerly affiliated with the organization (since everyone has jumped ship) could explain it. Though, they all had serious doubts about the numbers. At one point, families were only receiving a small bag of cat food per month. In later months, they weren’t even receiving that, which you’ll learn more about below.

NKL couldn’t/didn’t back up those claims with receipts.

But we have emails from volunteers with Alley Cat Advocates from September through November that NKL wasn’t giving out cat food. In fact, according to our sources, NKL and the Shamrock Foundation split roughly a third of the food from the distribution NKL did for the Rescue Bank (the only distribution they did). They gave out cat milk (which was part of that distribution) for quite some time at the bank instead of food. At some point, they were giving out cat treats instead of food. And now they’re claiming to have fed all those cats.

In fact, during the month of November, NKL went to great lengths to let supporters know they were suffering without cat food. Rebecca Ficklin even attempted to buy food from Shelby County:


NKL never ended up doing so and didn’t buy it from other sources. But still claimed to have fed 807 cats during the month.

All while raking in donations, receiving large checks, making significant purchases, selling other food for a profit.

For those of you with the nerve to suggest our reporting is not based in fact? Here’s proof Rebecca of NKL was selling both dog and cat food they received – during times they were begging for support – while individuals in the community and various support organizations suffered:




Sources with Alley Cats say they still receive near-weekly complaints about a lack of cat food.

For those of you suggesting there was never a ‘secret’ meeting in violation of NKL’s by-laws:


Anyone attempting to suggest the Kentucky Humane Society wasn’t planning for the NKL food bank to close should take this to heart:


It’s a slippery slope to attack the messenger. An even more slippery slope to suggest we don’t have dozens of sources on this story series.

The mess only gets worse.

For this website to be on the same side of an issue with Metro Animal Services… that should be quite telling.

If you no longer want to support No Kill Louisville, consider The Arrow Fund, Kentucky Humane Society or Louisville Metro Animal Services. You don’t have to like the organizations — even LMAS — to help. They have animals in need regardless of any animosity you possess.

If you have the desire and the means to adopt a pet? Do it!

2 thoughts on “NKL Hides IRS Docs, Makes False Claims

  1. I adopted a dog from NKL in the fall, and I am so glad that I got her when I did! Thinking back, I remember being asked to write a check to someone personally, not NKL the organization. My check was never cashed, so after 6 months I had my bank cancel it. Now I’m glad I did- I got the best dog in the world, and my money didn’t go to a seemingly corrupt organization!

  2. I’ve been following this from your first article.. I just hope they speak out and tell the truth. Also, I would like my money back for their chocolate 5k they are hosting.. lord knows what that money is going to.

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