Let’s All Freak Completely Out Instead Of Working

A woman punched in the face by a teenage boy during a string of assaults and robberies in downtown Louisville tells WDRB she was scared for her life and the lives of her children. [WDRB]

A longtime Southern Indiana businessman told Indiana officials during a Tuesday public hearing for the Ohio River Bridges Project that businesses in western Clark County will be “devastated” by the addition of tolls on Interstate 65. [C-J/AKN]

Mayor Greg Fischer announced he ordered a comprehensive review to expand the security camera network downtown. [WHAS11]

Atlas Machine and Supply Inc., a Louisville-based engineering and manufacturing company, has a custom-built, large-capacity welding machine that officials believe is the largest of its type in North America. [Business First]

A grand jury did not indict a man in connection with a stabbing assault of a 13-year-old and the death of a 14-year-old on a TARC bus. [WLKY]

Something else you’ll likely not hear Alison Grimes talk much about? Mitch McConnell’s absenteeism. Specifically when it comes to farm bills and things like that. [Page One]

Want to help support the next phase of our project? These document dumps barely scratch the surface. We’ve got gigs upon gigs upon gigs of research files to sort through and digitize. Literally months of work for a team of people. Wouldn’t it be useful to have everything we possess pertaining to U.S. Senate candidates prior to November? One person working eight hours per day for six months would barely get it done. [Click Here If You’re So Inclined]

What planet does Greg Fischer live on? The social media monitoring needs to be of his account — since he/his staffers are so out-of-touch with reality. [WAVE3]

House and Senate negotiators reached an agreement Wednesday night on how to provide relief to school districts that have missed days due to winter’s snow. [H-L]

Air pollution kills about 7 million people worldwide every year, with more than half of the fatalities due to fumes from indoor stoves, according to a new report from the World Health Organization published Tuesday. [HuffPo]

The Jefferson County Waste Management Board has opened up public comment on a draft ordinance banning plastic bags for yard waste pickup. [WFPL]

The numbers may have changed, but opponents of tolls still see the Ohio River Bridges Project as a negative for Southern Indiana. [New & Tribune]

The owners of a downtown gas station that was hit by the roving mob of teens Saturday night speak to the Metro Council Public Safety Committee on Wednesday. [84WHAS]

Go read Greg Fischer’s open letter to the community. It’s a PDF file, so, you know, only click the link if you can open them. [Click Here]

3 thoughts on “Let’s All Freak Completely Out Instead Of Working

  1. Great letter there, Hizzoner. Should have had one of those ex-media types you have on staff proof-read it better.

    “Discuss what them what their response should be…”

  2. Beginning to look like this Hizzoner needs a lot of help. Wonder if he gets his underwear on backwards — the clue is yellow in the front and brown in the back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. All those punk thugs that acted out in the Mob Violence activity should be dealt with HARSHLY!…Sternly & Swiftly!….They have been getting away with this behavior for years. I mean who isn’t scared of a MOB of aggressive young adults in the 200 strong range?

    What shot has an individual got of defending himself against a mob? and if the person getting beat down would use deadly force to defend their self, it would be possibly profiled a racial incident ….

    The suggestion of a security matrix downtown with the deployment of a police officer visable on every corner of an identified specific area to protect the public has been offered up by local downtown business operators before. However it was never taken under advisement seriously. The local business operators were told by the Metro Powers that there was no budget to accomplish implementing such a plan.There are a number of Business operators aware when this attempt took place and can verify the reaction of the City!

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