How Not To Campaign In 2014 In Louisville

When you’re running for something important like Family Court Judge…

Maybe don’t do this – in Louisville – in 2014:


Not including a web address or social media presence on your campaign literature suggests you’re out-of-touch and have no attention to detail required to adequately judge other human beings. What on earth kind of missed opportunity is that? Is that what Emerge Kentucky teaches people?

And Who’s Who? Really? Promoting a thing that isn’t really a thing that you pay for?

So many questions. Thank goodness we know how to use the googler. Most voters probably won’t take the time.

2 thoughts on “How Not To Campaign In 2014 In Louisville

  1. You obviously don’t have political campaign experience. Doorknockers don’t have lots of information. There are 3 phases to a political campaign. We’re in the 1st phase. Each phase has more information given. Don’t be so passive aggressive. Thanks for the exposure though.


  2. Actually, Carrie, most anyone with a lick of sense would include contact information on ANY material that comes in contact with a potential voter.

    Passive-aggressive? For pointing out what an amateur move that was? Or passive-aggressive that you thought it’d be a good idea to comment?

    It’s silly that anyone affiliated with the campaign would go on the defensive instead of saying, “Whoops! Oversight on our part, here’s the web address!”

    Does Cheri know you say stupid shit like this?

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