Day 189893825098: No Kill Louisville Still Stalling

No Kill Louisville hasn’t produced supporting documentation because it can’t.

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The only thing its remaining leaders — Rebecca Ficklin and her husband, Jeremy — can do is attack the messenger. Rather than pony up documentation or answer any questions at all on-the-record, they’ve resorted to nasty personal attacks, threats and intimidation.

That’s just the sort of thing normal people do when running a non-profit organization that’s supposed to be focused on compassion.

They seem to have no concept that creating anonymous screennames in an attempt to malign the character of others, to harm their businesses and their personal lives is a slippery slope. Spoiler alert: we have more money, better attorneys and have a history of doing the right thing by our sources. I.E., filing suit when necessary.

Unlike the Kentucky Humane Society and other organizations (even Metro Animal Services) that have faced scrutiny over alleged mismanagement or fiscal irresponsibility, the remaining shell of an organization at NKL has turned into an unprofessional hate machine. Every other organization that’s faced questions has handled them with grace and professionalism. This bunch? It’s like dealing with a pack of trailer park dogs that have no leader, no sense of direction and no concept of dealing with people on any level.

It’s safe to say the days of No Kill Louisville having respect are over. Behavior like this, allegations aside, illustrates the organization’s true colors. No one wants to deal with a charity that is flat out nasty to others.

So, Ficklins: consider this formal notice. Full Signal Media Group will press charges/pursue legal action if you continue to threaten, intimidate, harass and frighten sources, former volunteers or former board members. That is not a road you want to go down. Unlike other media outlets, we protect sources.

Suggesting that what your former board members have provided is “lies”? Here’s the deal… keep spinning. Because all the emails, screenshots, government documents, 990s, bank records, receipts, minutes, details about animal negligence, Amazon wish lists, threats to volunteers and officers, the loss of Blue Buffalo and Rescue Bank partnerships, fraudulently gaming another charity by rigging their vote system, the bogus financial statements that you published, the license plate mess and photographs aren’t “lies” or “untrue” – they’re a reality you could have escaped had you started answering questions honestly instead of attacking people. Now you’ve also created a reality wherein you and your direct volunteers are threatening, demeaning, attacking and intimidating people who dare question a popular charity organization.

Every bit of that is on you.

7 thoughts on “Day 189893825098: No Kill Louisville Still Stalling

  1. God Bless you – you are the true and only genuine investigative news reporter for the city of Louisville.

  2. This is a response I left on the No Kill Louisville facebook page:
    Sad to say but I think the damage has already been done. No matter what the findings are there has been so much trash talking on this site for and against what has been going on that I think a lot of those that have donated and volunteered in the past will now be looking for another animal welfare group to focus on. Those who are supporting NKL and their leaders (especially in this feed) are the ones that are turning me against continuing my support for this group. Nasty, nasty remarks. I really don’t want to be associated with that kind of attitude. So like I said, I think the damage has already been done.

  3. Can this woman not be removed by the board, or what is left of it? Is there no method in the bylaws for this to happen? It would be a shame to lose this concept in our area, however, we obviously need to lose her and her cohorts from running it.

  4. There are several truths to every story. Those involved have their opinion, or their truth as does the media. Documents can be fabricated, rumors can be started and here say can seldom be trusted. No Kill has done good work in the past and can do good work again. The organization itself is not to blame, only those that have let things get out of hand. The animals are what is important so quit focusing on the negative and correct the issues at hand. Put those animals first again or put someone in charge that will. No Kill can be beautiful again just as easily as it became tainted.

  5. Of course there’s no update.

    They refuse to answer questions and refuse to provide documentation and bank records. Meanwhile, they attempt to malign my character (fat chance, already been maligned, doesn’t change the story, I have more money and better attorneys), attacked former volunteers and continued to accept donations.

    The damage is already done. If they get audited, they’re fucked. Period. Rebecca can’t back much of anything up or she would have already done so. Former board members have proved plenty — and some are considering legal action/have been in contact with the OAG.

    P.S. Looks like they’re trying to recruit a new board. Which… also doesn’t resolve anything.

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