Another Day, Another Big Time UofL Scandal

A committee of the Louisville Metro Council voted unanimously Monday to allow the city of St. Matthews to annex 11 homes on Springwood Lane. [WDRB]

The University of Louisville last year paid three officials close to President James Ramsey twice as much to take early retirement as other administrators, so they would keep quiet about sensitive information the university did not want them to disclose. [C-J/AKN]

We are learning more about the teenagers attacked on a TARC bus and the man arrested in the case. [WHAS11]

A state lawmaker is pushing for the creation of a bluegrass trail in Kentucky. [H-L]

Imagine a mother who laces some food in the refrigerator with rat poison so that her children take a gamble with their lives any time they need to eat in their own home. [News & Tribune]

There are new details about a man accused of stabbing two teens on a TARC bus over the weekend. [WLKY]

The question of whether Louisville Metro Councilman David James, D-6, is holding incompatible jobs is being been referred to the Commonwealth Attorney’s office. [WFPL]

The Kentucky Senate approved a more restrictive version of a snow makeup day bill Monday. [WAVE3]

Corn-speckled lands owned by a group of Catholic Trappist monks and a convent full of nuns have become a battleground in a fight between Big Energy and the “singing sisters.” [NBC News]

You’ll probably want to support this Bluegrass Pipeline documentary film project. [Click the Clicky]

A renewable-energy firm hopes to build a solar farm in southern Indiana. [Business First]

Facing a lawsuit for allowing manufacturers to produce flea collars containing a pesticide that is a known neurotoxin and carcinogen, the folks at the Environmental Protection Agency, along with two major pet product companies, have agreed to phase out these controversial collars over the next few years. [Consumerist]

5 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Big Time UofL Scandal

  1. Ah, another great day for the University of Mediocrity! Gotta love the Hebert quote: we had to pay them something. What are you trying to hide? It’s obviously something.

  2. Seems to me it’s not the university that’s mediocre.

    It’s the leadership.

    The same folks always involved in scandal after scandal. The equine mess. Robert Felner. Nina Yoder. This.

    Same people, different scandal.

    Seems a bit unfair to label the entire school as mediocre when 99% of people there are far from mediocre. It’s only the floaters rising to the top that are terrible.

  3. “Following UofL Scandals Gives One Headaches”

    Dr. Hohumm: “When will the public get the message that we are running a very loose show here when it comes to our honchos?”

    Dr. Daisical: “They’ve tuned out long ago. That’s one reason there is no enforcement of the shenanigans. Oh, I’m late for my 9:00 a.m. class on “Institutional Ethics”!

  4. It flows downhill, Jake, and it’s affecting the entire system. U of L cares about one thing, athletics. Other areas that they once excelled in are hurting.

  5. Jake’s point is well taken. However, there is a caveat to consider. When you have total (and apparently complete) ineptitude at the top tier of an organization AND that top tier is dedicated to secrecy and obfuscation and is capable of ENFORCING their control by retribution and recrimination — then ALL THE GOOD FOLKS who are extant, underneath the ‘trash heap’ above inevitably decide to ‘go along’ and not ‘rock the boat’ because they have a meal to put on the table each evening for their families and a roof under which they assure their family of a safe and secure home.

    This portion of reality is the SADDEST thing of the entire ‘trash heap’ with the local university’s top tier of decision-makers. There’s no way to correct it, because those who could are ‘silenced.’

    Utterly tragic.

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