UofL’s Endowment’s Bigger Than Your Endowment

The cycle of violence starts early and spirals into adulthood, but Jefferson County attorney’s are hoping to put an end to it. [WDRB]

The Metropolitan Sewer District is spending $50 million to build a 17-million-gallon sewage storage basin on a nearly 5-acre site in Smoketown that was a public works complex. [C-J/AKN]

Another day, another senseless shooting. Louisville Metro Police are investigating a shooting that left two men wounded in the Russell neighborhood Sunday morning. [WHAS11]

Peter Baniak might be crazy if he thinks a single statewide poll instead of multiple polls is better. [H-L]

It was a more than two-month long labor of love. On Sunday, friends of Jimbo Boone gathered near the Abbey of the Gethsemani in Nelson County for a ribbon cutting ceremony. [WLKY]

Veteran police officer, Floyd County Councilman, and small business owner Brad Striegel has officially filed his candidacy for Floyd County Sheriff, according to a news release. [News & Tribune]

This past week, 16 people have died in house fires in Kentucky, three of them Saturday in Richmond. [WAVE3]

Melvin Dickinson, who founded the Louisville Bach Society with his wife Margaret, died of a heart attack Friday morning in his Louisville home. [WFPL]

The tea party’s war against the Common Core State Standards escalated this week in the form of survey results supposedly attesting to the standards’ extreme unpopularity in Mississippi, the lowest-performing state in the country in terms of student achievement. But the survey’s questions were misleading, and some of them relied on information that’s downright false. [HuffPo]

If you missed it last week, Republicans in Frankfort are still losing their minds over health care reform. Unfortunately for 99% of them, they’re just making crap up. [Page One]

The University of Louisville’s endowment grew slower than the national average last fiscal year, but the university still has moved into the top 100 nationally based on its total assets. [Business First]

7 thoughts on “UofL’s Endowment’s Bigger Than Your Endowment

  1. “Big Money, Little Return at UofL”

    It has always amazed me that UofL’s Foundation is so huge when the academic return on the dough is so paltry. Could it be bad planning by administrators? Too much emphasis on athletics over academics? I wonder what some of the other state colleges could do with even a sliver of the Foundation money that UofL has? Life has been more than fair to Belknap, but the latter has not operated in the same way. Kentucky taxpayers should pay more attention to this travesty (it has been long apparent that the Board of Cadavers could care less).

  2. Sorry, but my mind went straight into the gutter with today’s overall news headline.

    My endowment is bigger than yours and I can prove it!

  3. Novena: You’re on target — all over again. This “Athletic Club” Foundation is preposterous. Instead of pursuing an academic ranking (which is their mission statement) this ‘athletic club’ is also the “largest TIF honoree” in the State of Kentucky (meaning that they create a TIF district, build a building and rent it to Churchill Downs AND DO THIS ON THE SHELBY CAMPUS [despite the fact that the PURPOSE of a TIF district is to upgrade the neighborhood]. In addition to the ‘athletic club’ and the #1 in TIF Districts, they have an ‘apparent’ bankrupt hospital, a President (who [as Finance Director for Gubernatorial Paul Patton] came up with the idea NOT TO FUND THE PENSION PLANS. Brilliant idea from an Economics PhD!!!!!! Holey Moley — the place is a j-o-k-e.

  4. P.S. For those who aren’t aware of the TIF ‘game’ — a TIF district allows the ‘Athletic Club’ Foundation’s lessee’s in their TIF districts to AVOID CITY AND STATE TAXES !!!! So we have a charity that isn’t taxed MAKING MONEY from private businesses whose taxes go to the charity!!!!!!!!!! Only in Kaintuckie could something as dumb as this occur.

  5. “Thanks, ‘ole Highlander!”

    Highlander, your note about the TIF ‘game’ adds to the argument that UofL is getting quite a ride from city and state taxes to go along with its huge Foundation money. This amplifies the case that it should be a far better institution, given all this largess. And look what we have: as you put it, a damn ‘athletic club’ to provide circus and beer and little in the form of authentic education.

  6. Novena: There’s only 1 way to solve the ‘pitiful’ academic program that’s conducted at the local ‘athletic club.’

    Every morning the local news casts on all local stations and the ‘above the fold’ headline in the local ‘fish wrap’ should carry this headline —

    WE’RE #164TH. Sooner or later, all the locals (probably later [because most don’t read very well]) will realize the truth. If the local ‘athletic club’ was 164th in its product — they’d be firing coaches and prohibiting them from boffing old ladies on restaurant tables and young ladies on motorcycles.

  7. “That’s the Ticket, Highlander!”

    Well said, Highlander. I’d add this: And its shameful unwillingness to fire deans who are walking sociopaths, who ruin lives and embezzle galore.

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