The “Compassionate City” Hype Was A Whitewash

We’ve taken a semi-regular look at the way the community reacts to certain crime-related news stories over the past couple months. Tens of thousands of comments thick with racism. From people just “coincidentally” bringing up hanging when a black person is involved to advocating on behalf of violent death of criminal suspects because of the color of their skin.

They weren’t anonymous comments, either. They were remarks left by people using their own names and photographs. People who aren’t afraid to espouse their ignorance and hatred for the world to see.

It’s some mind-blowing junk.

Which brings us to something semi-related…

In early February, three young men robbed PNC bank in the Highlands. The neighborhood was shaken by what transpired and local television folks went full-tilt. Because one of the suspects killed himself in front of police and onlookers. (Of course, local media didn’t at all bother to dig in to the story because that would require actual effort.)

That was also mind-blowing.

But it happened again a little more than a week later! With the same responding officers. Another robbery suspect killed himself while police were attempting to apprehend him. Feel free to read all about it. You’ll feel some pain for the police officers handling those unfortunate situations. Though, you’ll never see or hear the teevee folks discuss the permanent solution to temporary problems. The suicides. That sort of thing gets glossed over, carelessly, because robbery suspects clearly aren’t worthy of being considered human.

What we’re most interested in are the comments on stories like that.

Get a load of some of the latest:


Boggles the mind that there are people in our lovely city harboring such hatred.

Most compassionate city in America?

Only in Greg Fischer’s dreams.

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  1. Marcellus: Mr. Kehrt “…would have been a great Nazi!” Incorrect. Mr. Kehrt IS a Nazi — provided his exhortation is actually believed.

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