MSD & Water Co. Merger Should Be Questioned

Churchill Downs Inc. claims it was defrauded by an Atlantic City casino executive in a deal that would have allowed the Louisville company to launch an online gambling operation in New Jersey. [WDRB]

These zoning shenanigans happened in the Highlands because of Greg Fischer’s folks. Surprising that people still can’t believe it. [C-J/AKN]

Someone actually called a few dozen hardware stores to see if they had salt in stock. [WHAS11]

The New Albany City Council pledged $75,000 in riverboat funds to assist transitional living services and Southern Indiana’s only homeless shelter on Monday. [News & Tribune]

Residents near the old Phillip Morris plant are talking about rumors that a Walmart is coming to the area. [WLKY]

A test developed by University of Louisville scientists can pick up signs of lung cancer in a patient’s exhaled breath. [Business First]

A big gay marriage case is being fought in our own back yard but it’s not sexy enough for the teevee people to try to understand. [Page One]

What? Another investigative package from Eric Flack that barely tells half the story? Surely not! [WAVE3]

In January, an organization called The Family Trust Foundation of Kentucky asked for permission to file a “Brief of Amicus Curiae” (“friend of the court”) in the case of Bourke v. Beshear, a challenge to the Kentucky and federal laws which allow the state to ignore legal same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. U.S. District Court Judge John Heyburn granted the Foundation’s request and their brief was soon filed. [Joe Dunman]

Between 50,000 and 82,000 tons of coal ash flowed into North Carolina’s Dan River on Sunday, prompting renewed calls for long-delayed federal rules on the disposal of coal waste. We should build about 10 million of these in Kentucky, right? [HuffPo]

The debate over a potential Walmart in west Louisville is beginning to influence a city election. [WFPL]

Bend over and grab your ankles. You’ve seen how Fischer manages Metro Animal Services and every other bunch of leftover Abramson hacks. So you know this is going to be a disaster. A decision on whether Louisville pursues a “One Water” concept between the Louisville Water Co. and the Metropolitan Sewer District could be made soon. [C-J/AKN]

3 thoughts on “MSD & Water Co. Merger Should Be Questioned

  1. “Good for UofL!”

    In the name of “fair & balanced” reporting, I want to commend the UofL researchers who are making such progress on lung cancer. I often criticize the U, but in this case, I can only applaud!

  2. Novena: We frequently (almost always) agree about the local ‘athletic club’. However, on this one I remain a skeptic. A 3 paragraph half dozen sentence report in Business First (which exists SOLELY due to its advertising revenue from the local ‘athletic club’) that a test has been ‘created’ by UofL professors to DETECT LUNG CANCER is NICE, BUT why wasn’t this on CBS, NBC and ABC and an announcement for the American Cancer Institute and verified by Sloan-Kettering, W.D. Anderson in Houston, the Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Institute? Answer: Probably because it’s more local B.S. from the ‘athletic club.’

  3. “To Highlander”

    Interesting thought, ‘ole boy. You make a very intriguing observation. The local “athletic club” is known to use PR on steroids. So, who knows–you might be right.

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