Metro Govt’s Collective Panic Is Full Tilt Now

Look, it’s Friday. We mentally checked out sometime yesterday before noon. So let’s rely on other peoples’ work! Because this mess is exciting (that is a serious understatement).

Check this big story from Phillip Bailey and Kristina Goetz:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking for potential misconduct in Louisville Metro government, questioning several lawmakers and quizzing others about council activities.

Four Metro council members—all contacted independently—and a council aide confirmed with WFPL and the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting that they had spoken with agents as part of a federal inquiry into Metro government.

FBI agents also attended a Metro Ethics Commission meeting this week and interviewed a local political activist who has filed ethics complaints against two councilmen.

The agents expressed a broad interest in Metro government, according to those interviewed. An agent also sent an introductory e-mail last week to a Metro council member.


Here’s a big one:

In recent weeks, investigators asked about ethics complaints filed against Council President Jim King, said another council member. That source said the FBI asked about King’s business dealings as they relate to the Metro Council and his personal income. The agents didn’t elaborate, the source said.


Click here to go read it all. RIGHT NOW. Do it.

Then let the speculation begin!

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  1. I’m pretty sure the FBI just doesn’t ‘inquire’ about the practices and procedures of local governments. There’s something there. It may turn out to be small or really big, but there’s something there.

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